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Matchbox and Mail

31 Jan

Has this week been dragging for anybody else? No? Just me then.

The bipolar weather, coupled with a terrible night’s sleep has left me in a weird mood today and I am so ready for the weekend so I can reboot. I did manage to make it to yoga yesterday, though! Because my friend Lucy is in town, I have been sneaking my workouts in at lunch so we can hang out as soon as I finish work.

Yesterday’s class reminded me of how badly I need to incorporate regular yoga sessions into my week – my muscles were so tight! My hips were especially bad – I couldn’t even stack my knees on top of each other during double pigeon, much less bend over.

double_pigeon[ source ]

After work, Lucy and I met Stef and some other high school friends for dinner at Matchbox. They have a couple of locations in DC, but the 14th Street location recently opened up in November. Known for their pizza and sliders, the restaurant is spacious and warm. I loved the exposed brick and the tall ceilings.


[ source ]

We decided to order the sliders as an appetizer, and they came in one huge mountain, topped with onion strings.


They were topped with a choice of either gouda, mozzarella, and gorgonzola cheese.

Our server, Lavonna, was so friendly and made us feel at ease. She asked us if it was our first time dining at the restaurant (it was) and explained a little bit about how their pizzas work (you can mix and match), as well as what their specialties were. She was attentive without being overbearing – A+ for service, Matchbox!

I ended up ordering the grilled veggie sandwich, which included marinated portabella, roasted red peppers, zucchini, pesto-ricotta spread, and a side of fries. It came in two large pieces of focaccia, so I ate one and boxed the other up for lunch today.

While eating, a huge downpour started outside and we, neglecting to bring umbrellas, ended up looking like drowned rats upon arrival at home.

I had two packages waiting for me when I returned, though!

IMG_1976[1]One was a totally random package from my dad and stepmom, which was chock-full of sweatpants and other cozies to last me through the winter. Much appreciated, though I don’t know if they will get much use if DC keeps posting 70+ degree temps in the middle of winter.

The other was a much-anticipated order from Amazon.

IMG_1975[1]I have been a follower of Zuzana’s YouTube channel, where she posts free workouts every week. She is the founder of BodyRock.tv, but started her own channel after awhile called Zuzka Light. These DVDs were just made available and are convenient for when you don’t have an internet connection or want to watch it on your television.

I love that her workouts are quick, but super efficient. I know that Gina’s a big fan of her and just ordered the DVDs as well.

Each DVD comes with 12 workouts, as well as an accompanying calendar to keep yourself accountable for your workouts. The DVDs are designed in order of difficulty and are meant to be used chronologically over the course of three months.

IMG_1966[1]There is also an area at the bottom of the calendar where you can put a before an after photo, as well as monitor your measurements throughout the course of the DVDs.

I am hoping to incorporate these workouts, along with yoga, to shake up my exercise routine. I still intend on going to my beloved Body Pump classes, but want to surprise my body and do something different for a little while.

Food for Thought: Do you have an exercise routine? If so, what does it include and how often do you switch it up? If not, how do you decide what you’ll do for movement each day?


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