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Half My Size

14 Dec

Good morning and happy Friday! One week from today I’ll be packing to head to Seattle for Christmas! I get more and more excited with each passing day.

Instead of my usual gym workout on Thursday nights, I went to George Washington University to play volleyball at an open gym. You may remember these open gyms from when I talked about them over the summer. It’s a great drop-in at the GWU gym and costs only $5 for two hours of play. I had a good time until I noticed sharp pains at the backs of my ankles whenever I landed after a hit or block. I monitored it, but became increasingly concerned as the night went on. Just turned 23 and I’m already falling apart!

Yesterday, my office sent a huge poinsettia to my house. I swear, it is half my size.


I will try to get a picture standing next to it so there’s some size comparison, but it is seriously massive. My office is also completely decorated with smaller poinsettias – it’s like a red forest!

This weekend, I am planning on meeting my friend Ellen to go to Zoo Lights at Woodley Park Zoo here in the city. I have never been and I hear the zoo looks beautiful at night – especially when lit up with over 500,000 lights! I’m really looking forward to it and hope Stefano and I can go together, too before we head to Seattle. He is flying to California this weekend to attend the memorial for his grandpa, so this weekend is going to be all about getting my Christmas shopping done and hanging out with my girls.


We are having a Secret Santa gift exchange at work today and I am looking forward to seeing all the fun things people receive! Maybe I’ll get some ideas for Christmas presents because I have been seriously procrastinating in the gift department this season.

Food for Thought: Have you done Christmas shopping yet? If you celebrate Hanukkah, is it difficult to think of eight days worth of gifts?

My Jewish friends tell me that they usually to several little gifts and then one large present. I kind of like the idea of celebrating a holiday for more than a week! I usually try to find every excuse to celebrate Christmas all month long 🙂



2 Nov

It’s the end of the week already? I guess when you get a hurrication, a three day week goes by really quickly. I am looking forward to actually getting outside this weekend and shaking off those last bits of cabin fever from the storm.

I arrived a bit early for volleyball last night and the team playing the match before mine needed a sixth player, so I got to play two matches last night! Great workout + lots of volleyball = win-win situation. Because I had a late game, I didn’t get home until ten o’clock and as such, I had dinner and then called it quits for the night, which means that I haven’t started my novel for NaNoWriMo…already 1,700 words behind – shoot. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight?

I went out for Thai food with my boss at lunch yesterday and ordered pad see ew with extra vegetables. Despite the addition, I still think the vegetables were a little on the skimpy side…

Love those wide rice noodles. Maybe I’ll get some at the store and Stef and I can make our own this weekend. Then I’ll be able to add all the veggies I want!

I didn’t do the best job avoiding the Halloween candy at the front desk at my office, but I did try to stave off the cravings with some Halloween-themed pretzels, instead.

Bats and jack-o-lanterns to start November off right.

While I was eating my yogurt bowl for breakfast this morning (half plain/half honey Greek yogurt, chia seeds, Kashi GoLean, and some chopped apple), I realized that I am in a food slump and my meals are being to feel pretty monotonous. Exhibit A:

Have  you  seen  this before?

Ugh. I know I’m a person of routine and that it’s easier and less time-consuming to eat the same thing repeatedly, but I want to explore all the different foods out there! I’m really not a picky eater and so I feel like I really need to take the leap and venture into a different realm of food. So, I’m going to start by setting a very achievable goal: no yogurt bowls or peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast next week. I hope by posting this on the blog, I’ll be able to hold myself accountable and try out new and different foods for breakfast.

This weekend I’m hoping to get in a few workouts to make up for Monday and Tuesday. I want to go to my usual Saturday morning class (that I’ve totally been skipping out on), but after the end of the week, I really just want my Saturday mornings to be lazy. I’m thinking that Stefano and I should get a hike in at Rock Creek Park before the weather reaches full-on winter.

Hope you all have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Food For Thought: What are your favorite breakfast foods? Do you have a go-to meal that you eat on a regular basis?

***Hurricane Sandy: How You Can Help***

The Waiting Game

19 Oct

Happy Friday!!!!! I am particularly excited for this weekend because I have a surprise planned for Stefano – I’m such a sneaky girlfriend.

I didn’t get home until late last night because my volleyball game was one of the later scheduled matches. By the time I walked in the house, it was almost ten, which meant that it was not going to be a fancy dinner. Enter grilled cheese sandwich, a la toaster oven.

I promise you, toasted bread and melted cheese will never disappoint.

I had a couple of surprises waiting for me while I munched on my dinner and they’re making me unbearably curious.

These packages from my mom are presents for my 23rd birthday, which is on Tuesday. However, she gave me strict instructions not to open them until the day of my birthday, so now I have to play the waiting game for the next 4 days – booooo!!!

Patience is definitely not my greatest virtue and I know it’s going to be torture to have them sitting in my room, taunting me until the 23rd.

I made sure that my breakfast this morning was a bit more filling and nutritious, as delicious as a cheese sandwich is.

My go-to scramble: three eggs, one sun dried tomato and basil chicken sausage, and a handful of frozen vegetables. I made the best decision ever when I added some goat cheese right on top as I finished cooking the eggs.

Never eat eggs without goat cheese ever again.

The creaminess of the melted goat cheese added some much-needed pizzazz to a routine breakfast. Holy yum.

It looked cold and rainy outside, so I curled up with a mug of mango black tea to warm up my insides. It’s not as good as the cinnamon spice tea, but it will definitely do in a pinch.

The Best Of DC awards came out the other day and their ‘Worth the Drive’ category inspired to me to take a road trip with Stefano to the Shenandoah Valley this weekend. I’m going to propose the idea to him tonight and see how he feels about peeping leaves for a day.



How could this not be a good way to spend a day trip? Their weekly report says that the leaves are at 90% saturation right now, so I think it’s time to head on down before the weather gets too cold and the leaves are all gone.

I hope you all have a splendid weekend – I can’t believe it’s almost the end of October! Catch you guys soon.

Food For Thought: Where is the best spot to see changing leaves where you live? What are your favorite fall road trips?





My Body Is Tired

18 Oct

Good morning! I have been chugging along this morning and haven’t had a time to write until now. How are things going with everybody this week?

This morning I woke up to a body that was pretty tired, not sleepy,  physically tired. My muscles are sore and there’s a weird something going on in my knee. I did a double workout yesterday (Body Pump then Zumba), which hasn’t happened in a couple of weeks, so that might have something to do with it. I am hoping that the knee doesn’t act up during my volleyball game tonight. It doesn’t start until 7:55, so I am contemplating doing Zumba from 6-7 and then heading over to the game from my gym. Not sure how my body will feel after two days of double-workouts, but I will decide later in the afternoon.

Breakfast this morning was pretty simple, a yogurt bowl with some Kashi Go Lean on top. I didn’t make it to Trader Joe’s last week for grocery shopping, so when I ran out of yogurt I headed over to Giant to grab some Oikos Greek yogurt. I am enjoying it, especially with a tablespoon of maple syrup stirred in, but nothing has been able to beat that honey flavor that I found at TJ’s.

Plus some mango black tea from TJ’s, made even better by the Lion King mug 🙂

I know that I haven’t been as diligent about posting my meals but let’s be real, what I eat tends to be a little redundant and not very interesting most of the time. I figured I would spare you the constant deluge of cereal and salad – you’re welcome. That said, I should mention yesterday’s lunch, which was definitely more interesting than usual, due to a fun addition.

Salmon! My roommate brought back an obscene amount of salmon from a dinner party and gave us permission to have some, so I added it to some rice at lunch and it made my meal awesome. Coming from Seattle, I adore salmon, though I rarely partake because of its cost. Luckily, we have an abundance in my fridge right now, so I am taking advantage while it’s available.

Food For Thought: What are some foods that you love but don’t usually buy for yourself because they are too expensive?

For me, it’s definitely seafood – the cost, coupled with my fear of ruining it during preparation generally steer me away from it. Another one is really fancy cheese – I eat so much of it that I can’t make it a daily habit or my grocery bills would be astronomic!




27 Sep

So guess who got caught in a thunderstorm while walking home from the bus? A-yup. I was not a happy camper when I dragged my waterlogged body into the house. To make matters worse, I was coming home from a volleyball game that my team lost. Booooo. Luckily, a hot shower, a cup of tea, and one Disney Pandora playlist later and I’m feeling much better.

My volleyball game didn’t start until 8, so I went out to Happy Hour with some co-workers – two of which were German interns who are leaving after this week ends. We went over to The Front Page, a popular bar/restaurant near DuPont Circle in D.C. I was also stopping by there because I wanted to wish a big happy birthday to a friend from back home who also lives here in DC.

I haven’t been to a happy hour in awhile and I don’t know why! I got a delicious hummus plate for $4!

I knew I wasn’t going to want to make dinner when I got home from volleyball, so I ate beforehand. Luckily, I had enough time to digest so I wasn’t feeling icky during the game. It is amazing how quickly the day went by – I didn’t get home until 10! By the time I showered and got ready for bed, it was, well, time for bed.

I’m going to try to stay awake a little longer because UW is playing Stanford right now and they’ve just started the second half (go Dawgs!). I will admit that I’m not the best UW fan – I blame it on the time difference and how it’s hard to stay up late to watch those evening games. Any chance I have to express Husky pride, I will do it!

Food For Thought: Do you follow a college football team or do you prefer the NFL or do you just not like football altogether?

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