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Pesto Party

26 Aug

Hello, hello! Is the weekend over already? I feel like Sunday rolls around and I always wonder where the time went…

Yesterday was all about food (more so than usual): I went to Trader Joe’s with Stefano after my morning workout and did a desperately needed grocery shop, which was evidenced by the fact that my receipt totaled almost $100!! Eeep. Guess that’s what happens when you wait two weeks to go grocery shopping. Get a load of this haul, though.

That’ll keep me going for probably another two weeks. If you get a glimpse of the basil containers on the right, you will see one of the main ingredients for the pesto party that Stefano and I had shortly after putting all the groceries away. Please also note the massive loaf of challah bread, which was the star attraction in some delicious French toast that we made for Sunday brunch.

Back to the pesto. Pesto has some of my favorite things in the world in it: basil, cheese, and olive oil. Everyone always seems to be so intimidated by it and always buy it pre-made at the store, but please read this post and know how easy it is to make at home. I promise, it tastes a million times better!!! All you need are these ingredients:

A proper pesto contains pine nuts and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, but if you are poor like me can’t find those, you can always substitute with walnuts and any other kind of hard, salty cheese (I picked up some Pecorino Romano from Costco). Some people use parsley or other greens instead of basil, but I personally don’t think pesto is worth eating unless it has basil. I usually make it and adjust the recipe according to how I’m feeling, but what I generally follow as a guideline is:

  • 2 cups, around 2-3 oz. fresh basil (don’t even both with dried basil, it’s useless)
  • 1/2 cup olive oil (spring for extra-virgin)
  • 1/3 cup nuts (walnuts or pine nuts)
  • 1/2 cup grated cheese (Parmigiano-Reggiano, Grana Padano, and Pecorino Romano are all good)
  • 2 cloves garlic peeled

Stefano grating away

I always start by sticking the garlic in the food processor and giving it a few pulses, so it gets minced and then adding the nuts to get those chopped up, as well. I really don’t follow any particular order, but I usually liked to add the basil and get that mixed in before adding the olive oil. One thing I do suggest is to add the olive oil in a consistent stream as the food processor is going. This ensures that you get a nice, smooth product at the end. After that’s nice and mixed, I stick in the cheese at the end.

Go, little food processor, go!

Taste as you go and feel free to tweak the amount of ingredients, depending on your preferences. We stuck three cloves of garlic in our first batch and that ended up being a little too strong, and we really like garlic. If you’re not a huge garlic fan, one clove might be enough. Just adjust the ingredients proportionally if you’re planning on making a big batch.

You can make extra and freeze it in an ice cube tray and then you have individual portions of pesto!

Of course, we had to test out our batch, so we grabbed some tomato basil focaccia that we picked up from Trader Joe’s, spread a layer of pesto on the inside, and added some slices of fresh mozzarella, before popping them in the toaster oven for a few minutes, to melt the cheese and toast the bread.

After they came out, we drizzled a little olive oil and vinegar on top and scarfed them right down. Unbelievable.

It was a successful pesto party and both of us now have Tupperwares of pesto in our freezer, waiting to be eaten. Please try this at home, I promise you that you will never be able to eat store-bought pesto again!

Wow, the time flies! It is getting late over here and it’s bedtime for me! I spent most of the evening over at Stefano’s, making him lunches and dinners to keep in the refrigerator, so he doesn’t have to worry about meal preparation this week. Hopefully this means he won’t be getting home from school at 8:30 PM like last week!

I hope everybody had a really enjoyable weekend. I look forward to telling you about my delicious Sunday French toast in tomorrow morning’s post. For now, good night!


21 Aug

It’s almost Hump Day! Way to power through Monday and Tuesday, everybody. I had a busy, busy day at work, including editing a 120-something page paper. I managed to fit in a yummy lunch though, which included indulging in a craving that I’ve been having for agesss.

In that picture you will notice my container of leftover quinoa, steamed broccoli, and grilled chicken from dinner last night. Alongside is a small Tupperware of sliced cucumbers and hummus. On the left, my friends, is the piece de resistance – a vanilla milkshake from Shake Shack. I had been craving a milkshake for quite some time now and I decided that today was going to be the day that I indulged. So worth it.

The was really my big meal of the day and during the afternoon, I turned into a total grazer. First it was the rest of my Trader Joe’s Corn Puffs.

Then it was a bag of Planter’s trail mix, that I munched on while slogging through unruly footnotes.

I took a break from grazing to go to a Zumba class, where I had lots of fun working up a sweat and improvising dance moves to KC and the Sunshine Band’s  ‘Get Down Tonight’. When I got home, it was back to the scavenging for food, mainly partaking in this:

Hello, beautiful.

Rosemary bread in the houuuuuse. My first slice looked like this:

Butter with a sprinkle of rosemary

So did my second and third. Needless to say, I wasn’t going to be making dinner tonight. Since I have begun the routine of work and then the gym, I have been in a pretty routine meal schedule, but I am naturally a grazer and prefer to eat lots of tidbits throughout the day than sit and eat big meals that are hours apart. Most of that behavior comes out on the weekend, when I have the time and freedom to snack throughout the day, but once in awhile I will have enough snacks to power me through the afternoon so I’m not hungry for a huge dinner.

I’m almost done with the book I’ve been reading, so I think I’m going to finish that up and then hit the hay. I got to talk with Stef for half an hour today, on his car ride home from work at EIGHT THIRTY AT NIGHT. He had been at school since 7:30 AM…talk about some long hours. Poor guy didn’t even get to have lunch until three o’clock. I’m trying to think of ways to help him prepare food so he gets all his meals in – he is like me and gets pretty irritable if he is too hungry.

Hope everybody out in the blogosphere had a nice evening. It’s getting to be those last few weeks of summer, enjoy it while it lasts!

Quick Question(s): Do you prefer to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner or do you like to snack throughout the day? Is there one meal you never skip? When you have a busy day, how do you make sure that you get something to eat on the go?

Double Happy Hour

17 Aug

Thank God it’s Friday night and I-I-I juuuuust got paid! N’Sync, anyone? Okay, I didn’t just get paid, but I’m super thankful it’s Friday night. I finished out the week strong and we had happy hour at work today…I love my job. But I’m getting ahead of myself – let’s get back to lunch.

Lunch was leftover pasta and then I added a curve ball by putting a Tupperware with yogurt, oatmeal, chia seeds, and blueberries in. It was like breakfast all over again, then straight into lunch. Very efficient.

I cover the phones for the front desk every Friday, so it was a lunch spent at the desk. I spent my lunch break researching what to make for dinner that included my two super-ripe avocados.

Nearing the end of work, one of the attorneys came over to tell me that the office was having happy hour in the conference room. It was so nice to end the week with everybody decompressing a little bit before heading home. It is dubbed ‘Fun Fridays’ and I am looking forward to the next one!

After work, some co-workers wanted to keep the party going, so we went over to a bar close to the office and had a few drinks and tapas. I had a really yummy raspberry lemonade.

Stefano picked me up on his way home from work and we stopped by Trader Joe’s so he could get some groceries for the week and I could pick up the ingredients for dinner. I wanted something mind-bogglingly delicious and man, I found it. Beef enchilada casserole…or what ended up looking like Mexican lasagna. So that’s what I called it and you may find the recipe here.

So much yum. The good news is that I made a massive amount and Stef will have leftovers for lunches in the next few days, which is good for his super busy scheduled because the kids in his classroom start school on Monday!

Come to Mama

I also made a super easy guacamole to put on top, which I will provide the recipe for later. Super easy, chopped tomatoes, onion, avocados, lime juice, and some salt n’ peppa to taste.

Anyway, it’s off to spend some quality time with Stef, gotta make the most of the time we do spend together! Have a great rest of your evening and catch ya this weekend!

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