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Two Steps Behind

5 Sep

You know those days when you’re super on top of everything and everything gets done when it’s supposed to? Today was not one of those days.

I feel like I’ve been two steps behind everything in my life today. From work assignments, to my workout, to a baking adventure – I was just a little slow on the uptake today.

The morning went by really quickly and I was grateful for a respite in the form of lunch: tuna, garbanzo bean, and arugula salad with a side of the roasted rosemary potatoes I made last night.

Before I knew it, it was time to race to the gym and get to Body Pump. I was doing the back and hamstring set and was wondering why I was struggling so much, when I realized that I had left some extra 1 kg plates on each side of bar – sheesh. I managed to make it through the set, but I’m guessing I am going to be superrrr sore tomorrow.

I had to make a quick stop to Target to pick up some more coat hangers (my closet is getting dangerously full) and some cupcake stuff for a co-workers birthday tomorrow. It was after eight before I even got to my house, so I scurried to get the cupcakes together. Turns out, the box mix I picked up (yes, I cheated) only made 12 cupcakes and I needed 20…whoops.

I scrambled around my pantry for some cupcake fixin’s and I came up with the ingredients for cinnamon oatmeal raisin muffins. The recipe is so simple and they only take about 15 minutes to bake. I will post the recipe soon, I promise 🙂

By the time I was done with the muffins, I was really not in the mood to make anything special for dinner. I ended up just cooking up a cheese quesadilla and finishing up my rosemary roasted potatoes.

It was quick and easy and didn’t take too much fuss. Some days you just need to eat like a college student. And now, in what feels like the first time I can sit down and breathe, I am typing up this post and watching President Clinton nominating President Obama as the representative for the Democratic Party this election. His new vegan diet has done him well, he looks great!

I am going to finish this up so I can focus on his speech, but I hope you all have a wonderful evening and I hope to catch you tomorrow when I’m hopefully not so frazzled!

The Sneeze Shield

8 Aug

Good morning! It’s a beautiful day in Washington, but man, I am tired. The getting to bed at midnight and waking up at 6:30 is not good for someone who needs at least 9 hours of sleep (I know, I’m a sloth!) to function properly.

For breakfast, I ate one of my pre-made English muffins, top with mozzarella cheese and some tomato basil pasta sauce. I bought a ton of blueberries at Costco the other day, so I made a small bowl of greek yogurt, blueberries, and raw oatmeal on the side. I sprinkle some chia seeds in there, too and I didn’t noticed they were even in the bowl while I was eating. Verdict is still out on those.

I was going through my purse this morning and found some samples that Stefano and I had received when we were at Costco over the weekend.

The lady at the booth marketed it as a no sugar, no calorie, no artificial flavor, gluten-free multivitamin powder to pour in water. That left me speculating about what was in it. I decided to give it a go and poured it into my water bottle and it turned the water a nice peach color.

The instructions said to dilute it in 16 oz of water, but even then it was a little too sweet for me (and I like things sweet!). It had a nice flavor, but I think I’m going to stick with the gummy vitamins I bought at Target. Speaking of Target, while I was there the other night I spotted an interesting advertisement on the box of Kleenex that I bought…

This box of Kleenex was the special “Sneeze Shield” type. Am I the only one who thinks that all tissues are sneeze shields? I mean, that is the point of them, right? Not sure what makes this type of Kleenex particularly excellent at shielding my sneezes, but they were right about them being ultra soft. Score one for Kleenex, I guess.

Time for me to get working – it might be a rough morning because I’m feeling a bit sleep deprived and I really want to keep track of all the Olympic events going on today – especially beach volleyball! It’s USA vs. USA for the gold! Hope you all have a wonderful day.





Egg McMuffins at Home

7 Aug

Good morning!

Thank you guys so much for being patient while I try to put my life together! My room is starting to look like somebody actually lives in it, which is always a good sign. After working out last night (Body Pump – best class ever!), I stopped by Target to pick up some more coat hangers and other house-y things. By the time I got home, it was after 8 and I had no idea what to make for dinner. I was really craving carbs, which is really no surprise because I always crave carbs. I saw some pepperoni slices in the fridge and was inspired to make a lavash pizza.

On a piece of lavash flat bread, I put some tomato sauce, pepperoni slices, and chunks of fresh mozzarella cheese and then stuck it in the toaster oven so the bread got crispy and the cheese was nice and melted. After devouring that in about 2.5 seconds, I decided I was still hungry, so I made myself an English muffin with peanut butter, a little bit of agave nectar, and a sprinkle of chia seeds.

I feel like everybody in the healthy living blogosphere has been going on and on about how wonderful chia seeds are. I hop onto every bandwagon, at least to try things out, so of course I bought some at the vitamin shop near my house and busted open the bag. The verdict? Honestly, I could have done without them on my muffin, but I will try them in various things and let you know if my opinion changes. If anybody reading is a big fan of chia seeds and has some ideas about how to use them, drop me a line! Apparently, they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are an excellent source of protein and fiber (thanks, Wikipedia).

While I munched on my English muffin, I decided to prep breakfast for the next few days as well. I saw this recipe for breakfast muffins a few weeks back and pinned it on Pinterest, so I decided to give it a go. I went to Costco over the weekend and bought an 18-pack of English muffins, so I am using them for basically everything I can think of.

This recipe is SUPER easy.

Step 1: Crack eggs into muffin tin (you can fill up the muffin tin if you’re feeling ambitious, but I only had 3 eggs).

I broke one yolk…whoops!

Step 2: Cut English muffins and put on tray (or in the empty muffin spaces, if you’re lazy like me).

Step 3: Baked at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes. You may need to take out the muffins partway through the baking or they’ll get too toasty.

Step 4: Assemble muffin.

So I made three of them and I was not planning on eating them immediately. If you wanted to eat them right away, I would recommend putting the cheese on the muffin and stick them in the oven while the eggs are cooking. If you’re saving them for later, I would put the cheese on and then wrap them up and either freeze or refrigerate. I only have three and I will eat them in the next couple of days so I just wrapped them up in aluminum foil and stuck them in the fridge.

This morning, I just pulled one of the sandwiches out and stuck them in the toaster oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese and re-toast the English muffin. Once the cheese had melted, I spooned a little bit of pico de gallo on. Feel free to top it with anything you’d like, switch up cheeses, etc.

Hello, lovely.

It was an absolutely delicious start to the day and so, so easy. Highly recommended for people who are crunched for time in the mornings. I am working out tomorrow morning, so I might just bring a sandwich with me and then heat it up when I get into work.

Hope you all are having a great start to the morning, catch up with you later!

Grocery Comparison

25 Jul

Good morning, all! I have another day of training at work today, so I am up bright and early (by my standards) and ready to take on the day. I was pretty excited about my breakfast this morning – with my Chobani replenished, I was ready to make a kick-butt yogurt bowl. I filled this one with a 6 oz. mango Chobani, a handful of oats, fresh blueberries, some diced strawberries, and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts. It was a symphony of textures and flavors and I loved it!

When I went grocery shopping yesterday, I was thinking about how irritating it was to not know the price differences of the groceries at Target and my nearby grocery store. I had glanced over my receipts before, but they didn’t give me a good enough insight into the price comparison of some major food items. So, I decided to find out for myself.

Armed with a notepad and pen (the good, old-fashioned way), I made my way, first to Target and then to my grocery store. I walked down each aisle and took note of the products I buy regularly and their prices. I did some actual shopping at the grocery store, but when I got back to the house, I looked over the different price points and was really amazed with what I saw – there were some huge differences! The biggest one that shocked me was the cost of fresh mozzarella – $5.99 for 16 oz. at Target and a whopping $8.49 for the exact same size and brand of mozzarella at the grocery store! Ridiculous. I noticed some trends, though. Breads, packaged foods, and refrigerated foods (like milk and eggs, which the exception of yogurt) tended to be cheaper at Target, while fresh produce, baking items, and frozen goods were cheaper at the grocery store. It made me much happier to know the different price points of items and I made a list of “Where To Go For” so I can keep it handy when I go grocery shopping next week!

There a few more pages like the one above, but I just showed you this as a sample because I figured you didn’t want to see the prices of every single item. You’re welcome.

Grocery shopping has been a little bit of a challenge here, just because the cost of living is so much higher and so it has been difficult for me to gauge whether something is overpriced or just expensive because things are more expensive here.

Have you comparison shopped at your local grocery stores? Was there a big difference in prices? What’s the most expensive item on your shopping list?

I hope you all have a magnificent day – tonight’s post will come a little late because I have volleyball this evening, which  goes until 9 PM. See ya later, alligator!

Staples, Marshalls, and Target (oh my!)

17 Jul

Good evening all!

Pretty late over here, but I’m just out of the shower after getting back from volleyball. It was an open gym held at George Washington University and had a great turnout. There were lots of people of all skill levels who came out to play and it was nice that they had the four courts divided up by skill level so you had no trouble feeling like you were getting in a good game. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have been a volleyball player for over 12 years and played competitively through high school and college (though not on the college team). After I moved to Rome, I stopped playing for a long time and it’s only now that I’m getting back on the court. Really looking forward to the upcoming open gyms and the volleyball league that I signed up to play in that starts at the beginning of August. Feels good to be back on the court!

Earlier in the day, I went over to a shopping mall that has a Staples, Marshalls, and Target all in one complex! My goal was to scope out their organizational items and strategize for when I get into the office at the end of the month and make it nice and organized. Am I the only one who just loves office supplies and containers? At each store, I just spent tons of time looking at all the fun ways to store things, along with all the fun office supplies (Staples and Target have neon colored composition notebooks!). Here are some of the goodies I’m thinking about using in my office. Let me know if you have suggestions of good ways to store LOTS of paper and files.

This would be great for organizing incoming/outgoing papers

Definitely have to get a couple of these to organize client files

So many containers!!! I’m sure I could find a use for them…

Amidst the organizational chaos, I got a bit sidetracked by these Steve Maddens at Marshalls…

I have been looking for work-appropriate clothes, but the shoe part always seems to come more naturally to me. Luckily, I resisted because I had JUST purchased a pair of heels last week and it seems a little ridiculous to have more pairs of shoes than you do clothes. But only a little ridiculous.

I also saw this really cute laundry basket that I want to buy after I’ve moved into my permanent house. It matches my color scheme of purple and gray perfectly!

On the way out, I stopped by the Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look at all those goodies they have to offer. I am so excited to get married someday because I can’t wait to register for things and take the little scanner and zap all the things my little heart desires! Someday…

I did find a really great duvet cover and throw pillows that I absolutely loved but were a little too far out of my price range. Might have to find a DIY-version on Pinterest and get crafty.

I had a little bit of time to spare after I left the shopping center, so I popped over to my future home and ate ice cream sandwiches with one of my future roomies. He is a ridiculously talented baker so I am so excited to move in, though slightly worried about my waistline. Shortly afterwards, I caught the bus downtown to catch up with an old high school friend for happy hour! It was great being able to see how he has been and have him tell me about the job he’s at for the summer. He is staying in Foggy Bottom, which is where GWU is located, so he kindly walked me over to the gym where I spent the evening playing volleyball.

It was a great day overall and I am SO ready for bed after 2+ hours of volleyball! I hope everybody has a great night and I look forward to catching up with all of you in the morning.


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