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First Foodie Pen Pals Reveal!

31 Aug

Friday in the houuuuuse! Why is today a particularly awesome Friday? 1) I am getting ready to go down to Virginia Beach with Stef to do the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon (Mini Marathon for me!), 2) It’s payday!!, and 3) It’s the end of the month, which means Foodie Pen Pals Reveal day! As I told you in a previous post, Foodie Pen Pals is much like a pen pal program except it involves food, which makes it soooo much better. After you sign up, you get a pen pal assignment to whom you send a package with yummy local foods, gourmet treats, or homemade yummies (there’s a $15 limit). You also receive a similar package (not from the same person, however) and it is just a great way to try new things, get recipe ideas from new people, and just connect with other foodies around the country. If you are interested in participating, you may click the ‘join’ button on the right side of my page!

Before I reveal what goodies I received from Rebecca S. of Los Altos, California, I want to break down my really great breakfast this morning. After packing my lunch, I was running a little short on time and wasn’t really inspired to do any specific kind of breakfast, so I headed for the raw oats and Kashi Go Lean. Plain old cereal and milk was just not doing it for me, but I was out of fresh fruit. Howwwwever, I did have frozen fruit and so it was smoothie time!

In went:

  • 2 handfuls of frozen fruit (mixed berries from Costco)
  • a couple heaping spoonfuls of Greek yogurt
  • a drizzle of agave nectar
  • enough vanilla soy milk to get everything nice and blended

Andddd, voila!

Easy way to spice up the morning.

Now it’s time tell you about my very first Foodie Pen Pals box! I received the box a couple of weeks ago, but couldn’t tell you guys about it, per the FPP rules. But now it’s reveal day!

So excited for my first FPP box!

Like I mentioned earlier, my box was from a girl in California named Rebecca. This was her first time doing Foodie Pen Pals as well, so she sent me an email and made to sure to ask me about anything I liked and didn’t like so she could put together a box I would love! Here’s a peek at all the goodies:

A quick inventory:

  • pack of her favorite flavor of Trident gum
  • to-go, pre-packaged peanut butter (that didn’t last too long!)
  • Gogo Applesauce (something I had never seen before!)
  • package of TJ’s microwave popcorn
  • Kashi TLC trail mix bar (you guys know how much I love those!)
  • Two boxes of dried seaweed for snacking
  • a few bags of tea
  • 3 Starbucks Via packets
  • chocolate milk box (like a juice box, but chocolate milk!)
  • can of Trader Joe’s Cafe Mocha coffee
  • a really yummy fair-trade, organic chocolate bar
  • amazing, lavender-scented bar of soap
  • an adorable Mickey Mouse notebook, with a little love from California and a sweet note inside!

What a haul, eh? It was so cute that everything was small and designed for a super busy lifestyle, perfectly suited to me! I even snuck some of her treats in my lunches during the month without telling you guys. I have been saving the Gogo Applesauce for this weekend’s 5k as a post-workout snack and I will be sure to tell you what I think about it.

Thanks for a wonderful first experience with Foodie Pen Pals, Rebecca! And thanks to Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean for organizing this each month. Please click on the button on my right sidebar to check it out!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! If you don’t hear from me over the weekend, it’s because I’m having way too much fun at the beach with my boyfriend. I’ll fill you all in as soon as I get back, promise! Happy weekend 🙂

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