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What’s On Your Menu?

19 Nov

To my fellow Americans, Thanksgiving week has finally arrived! For those of you living internationally, I apologize in advance for the barrage of Thanksgiving related posts over the next few days.

I took a vacation from technology this weekend and mostly enjoyed being around my roommates and Stefano. I went on a hike in Rock Creek park, watch the Huskies beat Colorado, and celebrated my roommate and his fiance’s engagement with ice cream, Oreos, and Jurassic Park (her request!).

I also watched the Sounders lose to the Galaxy in the semi-finals of the MLS tournament, but we won’t talk about that as I’m still in mourning.

Since it is T-minus three days until Thanksgiving, I thought I would tell you what my Thanksgiving plans are. Stef and I decided not to fly back to Seattle, as plane tickets are expensive and we couldn’t justify the trip for only a couple of days. Luckily, there are some other West coast stragglers who are sticking around for the holiday, so we are going to have an orphan Thanksgiving at my house on Thursday and watched Thanksgiving-themed episodes of Friends (yes!). Can’t wait to see a repeat Monica’s turkey dance.

Here’s what we’ve got planned.

Turkey Day Menu for Orphan Thanksgiving:

  • Turkey (Duhhh! Though we are having a difficult time finding an appropriately sized one, as there won’t be many of us!)
  • Stuffing (both in an out of the turkey – Stef and I can’t get enough)
  • Gravy
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Bread rolls
  • Pumpkin pie

Last year, I cooked Thanksgiving dinner for 15 of my ex-pat friends living in Rome and I made a ridiculous amount of food. I am having a hard time scaling it down this year, but we just don’t have enough people to eat all of the food I am inspired by! As it stands, I am responsible for everything but the pie and rolls, which will be managed by my one of my roommates, who is a much more proficient baker than I.

I am so looking forward to the meal, even though it will be my second Thanksgiving in a row away from my family. On the bright side, Stef and I are going back to Seattle to visit exactly one month after Thanksgiving and will be there until New Year’s Day, so we will both get plenty of family time in.

Food For Thought: What’s on YOUR Thanksgiving menu? Is there any dish that is absolutely necessary at your table for it to feel like Thanksgiving?

Ghost Office

8 Oct

Happy Columbus Day, all! Here in the nation’s capital, people actually celebrate it, so my office is dead today. I volunteered to work, because it meant that I could get an extra vacation day and really, who actually celebrates Columbus Day? Silly Washingtonians.

Hope you all had a great weekend – I had a wonderful time on Friday at the 90s cover band concert. My housemates and I rocked out to Spice Girls, N’Sync, Madonna, Eve 6, and plenty of other 90s classics. I can’t believe we are in an era where that music is old – it means I’m getting old.

I spent most of my Saturday here, at the Newseum in downtown Washington. It was Teacher’s Day, which meant that all teachers (meaning Stefano) were admitted for free and their guests (meaning me) were admitted for $10. Considering the normal price of a ticket is almost $22, it was a really great deal.

The museum itself is one of the best things DC has going – seriously, if you’re a tourist in the city make this museum a priority and be prepared to spend all day there. It has so much to do and see (a reflection on some of its contents will be posted tonight) and thoroughly covers the history and evolution of the news and press in an interactive, engaging way. Doesn’t hurt that there’s a fabulous view on the roof deck.

After spending most of the day at the museum, I spotted this shirt on our way out, through the gift shop. I was really, really tempted to buy it.

Any other Big Bang Theory fans out there?

Stef and I went straight from the Newseum to Founding Farmers, a really well-known and well-liked restaurant in the city. They are all about sustainability and buying local, so I was looking forward to trying it out. Our reservation was for 4:45 PM (I swear, the only time you can get a reservation for this place is at 4:45 or 10:15) and we met up with Stefano’s aunt, who was visiting from California, along with his cousin and girlfriend. The daughter of one of Stef’s aunt’s closest friends goes to school at Georgetown, so she joined us as well!

The atmosphere at the restaurant is very lively and it was busy when we got there. Who eats this early? Apparently, everybody who is trying to eat at Founding Farmers. The staff were all very friendly and we were seated almost immediately. I have to say, everything on the menu looked so tasty that I had a difficult time deciding what I wanted to order. Not a bad problem to have.

I ended up going with their classic cheeseburger, because I’m a fan of classics and it was so delicious. The meat was cooked just right and was locally and sustainably sourced, which always makes for better eats. On the side, I selected the roasted root vegetables which were also well-cooked and delicious.

Stefano ordered the Enchilada and Steak, which was exactly what it sounds like – an enchilada and a steak, with corn on the cob as a side. Of course I had to steal a couple of bites. The steak was perfectly cooked, but I could have passed on the enchilada.

We tried to stay up late on Saturday night in order to watch UW play Oregon, but it didn’t even start until 10:30 PM (7:30, Pacific time)! We made it to half-time but then we were exhausted and had to call it a night. They ended up losing pretty badly (hey, Oregon is #2 in the country right now!), but Seattle made up for it by a winning Sunday – both the Seahawks and Sounders won!

Stef and I are huge Sounders FC fans (the Seattle soccer team) and we even had season tickets when we were living in Seattle. Last night’s game was against Portland, our biggest rival and we thrashed them, 3-0. Cascadia Cup, here we come!

Anyhow, it time to get going on some editing, but I will leave you with this motivational message to wipe out any case of the Mondays you may have.





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