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Mattress Mishaps

29 Jul

Good morning, wonderful people!

I had a wonderful day yesterday, but it was a total whirlwind! To recap…


So breakfast was a bit of a miss. Stefano is down for the weekend and I was so busy helping him make his breakfast, that I neglected to watch my own (a bowl of oatmeal in the microwave). As a result, this happened:

Whoops. Of course, I wiped up as much as I could and then carried on eating, but it was not pretty. Better luck this morning, I hope.

Mattress Shopping

Yesterday was all about mattress shopping and other related things. Stef and I went to the mattress store and had a pretty good time testing out all the different beds.

He may or may not have gotten a little too comfortable on one of them. Both of us were in the market for new beds and we found a great deal that included the mattress, box spring, and bed frame because the mattress was being discontinued for it’s “new generation”.

Hello, Sealy.

We had them delivered to my house (as Stef can’t load his things up to his apartment just yet) and I was eager to get the bed to my room! As the delivery people reached the stairs, it was clear that the box spring was going to pose a very big problem. Because of the sharp corner on the staircase and the height of the ceiling, there was no way that box spring was getting up to my room, unless we broke the box spring or the stairwell. Sigh. So today, I am going back to the mattress store to try to deal with returning the box spring.


After we went to the mattress store, we met up with Stef’s parents for lunch. I was so, so hungry and we decided to pick something fast and easy. I had been meaning to try this new restaurant that opened, called Cava.

It is basically a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern version of Chipotle – where you can choose a pita or rice bowl and then add meat like chicken, meatballs, or lamb and cover with toppings that include tzatziki sauce, hummus, eggplant and red pepper, etc. I decided on the pita wrap, with kofta (herbed meatballs) and topped it with loads of things: tzatziki, hummus, eggplant, cucumber and tomato salad, feta, kalamata olives, and other goodies.

It was delicious and I was hungry, so I devoured it in about 4.5 seconds. So good. I would definitely go back – these flavors are right up my alley. Stefano chose the rice bowl and ordered a slice of pita on the side.

After lunch, we went down to Stefano’s apartment so he and his roommates could sign their lease. They had a bunch of freshly baked, Otis Spunkmeyer cookies right on the table, so I ended up eating almost half a dozen of those before I made myself leave the room. Dangerous territory. We are going back today so we can get his keys and then he will no longer be homeless!


After lots of moving and driving around the city, we were so ready for dinner. Stef’s parents took us out to Red Rocks Pizzeria, which is where I went with Amanda when she came down to visit from Maryland. We ordered a caprese salad to split and then chose four different pizzas to try between us. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures during the dinner because we were all ravenous and I was too caught up in conversation to remember to be a blogger. Amateur move.

After dinner, it was off to bed. Stef and I had a late night when we waited for his parents to get to the city, and then woke up early the next morning, so we were exhausted and so ready to sleep.

I am off to tackle some mattress issues and then go car hunting for Stefano, so it will be another long, busy day! Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

Quick Question: What kind of mattress do your prefer? Firm, soft, memory foam? Maybe even a waterbed?

Girls’ Day Out and Romesickness

16 Jul

Good evening, lovelies!

When I left you, I was on my way to spend the day with my friend Amanda. It was so good to see her, even though it has only been a month since we last saw each other, though in that month I have moved from Rome to Seattle for a brief interlude to pack up my life’s possessions and then onto Washington. Big changes!

Isn’t she just the prettiest?

We made it in plenty of time to see the film, even with a quick stop at CVS to stock up on contraband snacks – Milk Duds and Mike ‘n’ Ikes! We arrived at the movie theater and it was…empty. As in, we were the only ones in the entire theater. Guess 3:15 in the afternoon on a Monday is not the peak time for movie-going…

A few people joined us just as the film was about to start, but it was basically an empty house. The move itself was just okay, definitely not Woody Allen’s finest work, in my opinion. It was still worth it to me because of all the great shots of Rome and being able to hear Italian again, though I left the theater feeling kind of Rome-sick (har, har).

Amanda and I had plans to get dinner at a pizza place she recommended called Red Rocks. It is Neopolitan-style pizza cooked a wood-burning, brick oven. It was a little early for dinner when we left the theater so we decided to wander into some nearby shops to kill time before heading to the restaurant. We wandered through Zara, H&M, and Forever 21, but nothing really caught my eye, except for this little gem…

I mean, who doesn’t want cats on their shirt?

Amanda modeled another stylish outfit we spotted.

Thumbs up for giant, neon yellow dresses.

We finally headed up to the restaurant where we got right down to it and ordered a margherita pizza for Amanda and a grilled eggplant pizza for myself. We had a wonderful time catching up, talking about the film and Rome, and having some good, old-fashioned girl talk. When our pizzas arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see how similar they were to the pizzas Amanda and I had when we were in Naples for lunch. Yes, she and I took the train from Rome to Naples to get pizza for lunch – that’s dedication.

My grilled eggplant pizza was also topped with pesto and goat cheese – delish. Amanda got her stand-by margherita pizza with buffalo mozzarella and basil.

It was safe to say that she was pleased with her selection.

Over scrumptious pizza and wonderful conversation the time flew and by the time we decided to head out, we had been there for almost three hours! Not before splitting a tiramisu, however.

My kind of dinner date. Amanda is in the States until the 1st of August, so hopefully she can make time for another girls’ day before she heads back to Rome. I’m thinking we’ll go shopping for real next time, the cat shirt is calling to me.

Hope everyone has a great night, talk to you tomorrow!

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