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6 Sep

Goooooooood evening, folks! It’s the eve of Friday and I am so looking forward to the weekend! I am staying in town and would like to get outside if the weather is nice.

I had a great day at work today, bringing cupcakes into the office for a co-workers birthday. They must have liked them, because they ate the cupcakes and muffins in a flash! I love it when people enjoy the things I’ve cooked/baked.

For lunch today I kept things nice and light, with an arugula salad and an apple, a bag of trail mix, and some hummus-filled pita slices on the side.

I had Zumba class straight after work, which was full of new people. Our instructor definitely showed them how much of a workout Zumba can be and my shirt was d-r-e-n-c-h-e-d by the time I left the gym. Seriously, I was shweatyyyy. I felt bad for all of the people who had to sit next to me on the bus ride home. Sorry, guys.

My tummy was a-rumblin’ when I made it through the door and I was seriously tempted to stop by Chipotle just so I could get something in my mouth as soon as possible. When I made it home, I was craving some major carbs, so it was pasta time.

While the noodles were boiling, I got the sauce going in a frying pan. One of my favorite things about making pasta sauce is that I can add in all kinds of spices to make each batch slightly different from the last. Tonight was no exception and I add a pinch of this and a sprinkle of that to make a garlic-y, flavorful tomato sauce.

I threw in some handfuls of frozen veggies to get an easy fix of vitamins and fiber and all the other good things that veggies provide. I’m pretty sure I cancelled out any nutritional value of the vegetables when it came to the parmesan cheese.

Did I get a bit carried away?


Is that an obscene amount of grated cheese?


Do I regret it?

Not in the slightest.


My sweet tooth could probably tell that I had been awhile since my last bowl of ice cream, so it started bugging me near the end of meal. Of course, I had to oblige.

After enjoying my ice cream, I was surprised that it was already 9:30! The time just keeps on flyin’. Now I’m showered and my teeth are brushed and I’m live streaming President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention – I just can’t get enough of how much he and his wife adore each other.

I hope everybody is having a good evening, morning, or whatever time of day it is where you’re reading. Big hugs to you all, catch ya on the flip side!

Breakfast for Dinner

22 Aug

We’re more than halfway done with the week, whoohoo! I am excited for the weekend because Stef and I are going to the Jason Mraz concert on Friday at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Maryland! I adore Jason Mraz and we saw him in concert a few years ago where he was absolutely amazing, so I am excited to see him again.

The rest of my day shaped up pretty nicely! I had been craving greens in the past few days, since my lunches and dinners have been a little carb-heavy, so I had a nice big arugula salad with cucumber and pieces of chicken. I also had a small container of almonds and two slices of the amazing rosemary bread my roommate made, with a little bit of butter.

I had lunch in the park with my co-worker, Ashley. The weather has been pretty off and on lately, but during lunch it was sunny and pleasant. Back at the office, my boss left for his conference and I set about getting things together for his next conference, which he leaves for on Sunday. Midway through the afternoon, I got a craving for my office snack basket and grabbed some trail mix to take the edge off. A few pretzels might have made their way in there, as well.

I had a really great Body Pump session at the gym today. At the end of the workout, during stretching, we were in cobra pose and our instructor said that anyone who could go into full cobra and touch their head with their feet was exempt from push-ups forever. I decided to see if I could do it and I could hear him saying, “Oh, she’s going for it” and I ended up being able to do it! I was a little impressed with my own flexibility, as I haven’t been to yoga in really, really long time. That must prove how much I really despise push-ups. So I am now exempt from push-ups at Body Pump, though I will probably continue doing them because, well, they give you Michelle Obama arms and who doesn’t want those?

I was good and hungry when I came home and was craving some protein. I scoped out the fridge and decided it was going to be breakfast for dinner. I scrambled some eggs and mixed them up with some frozen veggies and this yummy chicken sausage I picked up last time I was at Trader Joe’s.

After the eggs were cooked and everything was heated through, I topped it all off with some crumbled feta for some nice saltiness.

Super tasty and filled with lots of protein, between the eggs and the sausage and cheese. I read an interesting article about eggs the other day, about a Canadian study that was done and compared the detrimental health effects of eggs to smoking. I’m pretty skeptical about the results, and the study seems to be under fire from other scientists, but the article is worth a read.

While I was eating dinner, my dad called me! He has been in Egypt for the last month and I haven’t been in much contact with him, so it was nice to catch up. After a long (over an hour and a half!) chat, we are caught up to the present day, where I am typing up this post and listening to The Angels’ ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’ on the Bubblegum Oldies Pandora station. Simple pleasures.

I hope everybody else had an equally pleasant evening and has a good night! I am pretty wiped from Body Pump, so I know that I will be sleeping soundly tonight. Catch ya on the flip side!


21 Aug

It’s almost Hump Day! Way to power through Monday and Tuesday, everybody. I had a busy, busy day at work, including editing a 120-something page paper. I managed to fit in a yummy lunch though, which included indulging in a craving that I’ve been having for agesss.

In that picture you will notice my container of leftover quinoa, steamed broccoli, and grilled chicken from dinner last night. Alongside is a small Tupperware of sliced cucumbers and hummus. On the left, my friends, is the piece de resistance – a vanilla milkshake from Shake Shack. I had been craving a milkshake for quite some time now and I decided that today was going to be the day that I indulged. So worth it.

The was really my big meal of the day and during the afternoon, I turned into a total grazer. First it was the rest of my Trader Joe’s Corn Puffs.

Then it was a bag of Planter’s trail mix, that I munched on while slogging through unruly footnotes.

I took a break from grazing to go to a Zumba class, where I had lots of fun working up a sweat and improvising dance moves to KC and the Sunshine Band’s  ‘Get Down Tonight’. When I got home, it was back to the scavenging for food, mainly partaking in this:

Hello, beautiful.

Rosemary bread in the houuuuuse. My first slice looked like this:

Butter with a sprinkle of rosemary

So did my second and third. Needless to say, I wasn’t going to be making dinner tonight. Since I have begun the routine of work and then the gym, I have been in a pretty routine meal schedule, but I am naturally a grazer and prefer to eat lots of tidbits throughout the day than sit and eat big meals that are hours apart. Most of that behavior comes out on the weekend, when I have the time and freedom to snack throughout the day, but once in awhile I will have enough snacks to power me through the afternoon so I’m not hungry for a huge dinner.

I’m almost done with the book I’ve been reading, so I think I’m going to finish that up and then hit the hay. I got to talk with Stef for half an hour today, on his car ride home from work at EIGHT THIRTY AT NIGHT. He had been at school since 7:30 AM…talk about some long hours. Poor guy didn’t even get to have lunch until three o’clock. I’m trying to think of ways to help him prepare food so he gets all his meals in – he is like me and gets pretty irritable if he is too hungry.

Hope everybody out in the blogosphere had a nice evening. It’s getting to be those last few weeks of summer, enjoy it while it lasts!

Quick Question(s): Do you prefer to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner or do you like to snack throughout the day? Is there one meal you never skip? When you have a busy day, how do you make sure that you get something to eat on the go?

Pack Horse

8 Aug

Good evening, lovelies. Man, it is late over here. I left my house over 15 hours ago! Busy, busy.

Work went well today, I got to have lunch with one of my co-workers who I really enjoy talking to. We had lunch at Dupont Circle, which is essentially a large traffic circle, but is big enough to be a small park with benches and fountains.

Today’s lunch was the last batch of quinoa and veggies, with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

And on the side, I had my ever-present strawberries and carrots, along with a package of Planter’s Nuts and Chocolate trail mix. Tomorrow’s lunch will be different, I swear!

While I munched on my lunch, Ashley looked over a Supreme Court case that she was writing an op-ed piece on.

Studious Ashley

I worked a little later than usual tonight, but still had plenty of time to get to the GWU gym where the volleyball open gym was taking place. On the stroll over, I munched on another Kashi trail mix bar that I nicked from the office stash (this must end!).

I arrived at the gym a few minutes early, so I caught up with Stefano on the phone. He got into a fender-bender earlier in the day (his first accident ever!) when a guy rear-ended him as he was stopped at a light, waiting to turn (he’s fine, don’t worry!). The drivers in this city are absolutely ridiculous, but that’s a blog post for another day. By seven, it was time to volley!

There weren’t as many people there today and winner stayed on for the advanced court. My team won all of our matches, so I fit in two hours of straight volleyball – it was fabulous!!! Speaking of volleyball, did anyone catch the beach volleyball match at the Olympics today??? Let it be known that Misty May Trainor and Kerri Walsh are absolute legends.

After volleyball, I really wanted to stop by Trader Joe’s, since I was in the neighborhood of the only TJ’s in town (criminal, I know). I was a little hesitant because I was already carrying my workout bag, my purse, and my lunchbox, but TJ’s won in the end.

The TJ beacon

I tried to limit myself this time around, since I had to carry it all on the metro with me and I was already loaded down with stuff, but I always get carried away when I’m here. The cost of living is so high in Washington and Trader Joe’s is the only place I’ve found with grocery prices comparable to Seattle. It’s a little out of the way for me, so I always try to stock up whenever I’m there (which has been twice since moving here in July). Here’s a little peek into my basket…

Don’t mind the huge bag of white cheddar corn puffs, just focus on the eggs, peaches, zucchini, and other healthy goodies 😉

The trip home was definitely a slog, but luckily I had my mom on the phone to keep me company. I made a half-hearted attempt at photographing myself looking like a pack horse.

Lunchbox, one bag of groceries, and keys in the right hand. Big bag of groceries slung over right shoulder. Workout bag and purse (with phone inside) slung over left shoulder. It’s official: I’m a bag lady.

Finally made it home and stuffed my face munched on a few corn puffs before getting my clothes all ready for tomorrow. The alarm is set for 6 AM so I can get to a Body Pump class at 7…yikes. We’ll see if I actually end up getting there. It’s almost midnight here so it’s off to bed for me – hope you all have a wonderful night!

Trail Mix and Trail Mix Bars

7 Aug

Good evening!

Today has been a very eventful Tuesday! I had a really busy day of work – I didn’t look at the clock once and my boss had to remind me about lunch! I grabbed lunch with a few co-workers – they got sushi, I was a nerd and packed my lunch in my new lunchbox, something I am very excited about. In today’s lunchbox was some quinoa mixed with rosemary steamed veggies and mixed together with balsamic vinegar. On the side was a small container of baby carrots and strawberries.

Around mid-afternoon, I was making some photocopies, when the office snack basket caught my eye. I discovered this little treat inside:

This is the same basket where I found these bites of heaven – I swear, the office snack basket will be the death of me.

After work, I walked to the gym for a great Zumba class – this instructor isn’t the most difficult, but she’s so fun and upbeat and the atmosphere is just fabulous. After the Zumba class, I had about an hour before the first volleyball game in the league I just joined. I decided to do the 30 minute walk and really took my time, as I had an hour to get there. On the way I munched on some trail mix and a Kashi bar that was also trail mix! Lots of nuts and dried fruit for me, love it.

When I got to the gym, the front desk was clueless about any league games that were supposed to be taking place. They did, however, have a volleyball open gym and told me I could walk on in. I decided I might as well, since I was planning on getting some volleyball in tonight! It was a big mix of skill levels, but we all got some good play in the two hours we were there. The gym wasn’t air conditioned and it was a sauna. My shirt is drenched. I would take a picture, but I don’t want to totally disgust you.

Now I’m home, about to pop in the shower. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re busy! I did have enough time to waste a few minutes playing the Google doodle, though. Go check it out, before they change it! Between the Zumba and the walk and the volleyball, I know I’m going to sleep soundly tonight – and I have volleyball tomorrow night too! Can’t get enough.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening – check back with you tomorrow!

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