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Thai With a German

1 Jan

Good morning evening and happy new year to everyone! I am looking forward to posting my thoughts about 2012, as well as the upcoming year, when I get back to Washington, D.C. Right now I am coming to you from gate C2 at Sea-Tac airport and we should be boarding soon! We boarded so quickly after I finished that sentence, I didn’t get to finish my post! Right now I am home in DC and just waiting for my laundry to be done before I can go to sleep!

The flight from Seattle was smooth, though the 5:30 AM wake up call was way too early, especially after staying up until 1:30 to ring in the new year.


Luckily, I managed to snooze a little bit on the plane, though not enough to really feel rested. I am jealous of those who have no trouble sleeping when flying – I can never get comfortable! I brought some snacks so I didn’t have to buy food on the plane, because it’s so very overprice and just doesn’t taste very good.


I am not looking forward to going back to work, but I am happy to be getting back into my routine – I still can’t believe it has been almost two weeks since I set foot inside a gym.

Despite the routine disruption, one of my favorite things about going home was getting to see friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

The other night I had a chance to see my friend Hanna at dinner. I first met her when she came to my high school as an exchange student from Germany when I was a sophomore. Since then we have been in constant contact and I have met up with her in three different countries this past year!


Right now she is in Seattle as an exchange student gain, but this time for grad school. We decided to meet up close to campus at a student restaurant staple called Thai 65. I ordered what I always do, pad see ew with tofu. I could venture out and try something new but I figure, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?


I was glad to be able to see her because she will be back in Germany by the time I get back to Seattle for another visit. I just love that we are still friends after so many years!

No More Restaurants

31 Dec

I have eaten out more than I have stayed in while on vacation and to be perfectly honest, I’m starting to get sick of it. Don’t get me wrong, the meals have been delicious and I have enjoyed the company immensely, but there’s just something I enjoy about making my own food.

This morning I had brunch with my friend Taylor, who just returned to the United States after living in Cairo, Egypt for awhile. We met at one of my very favorite Seattle spots, Portage Bay Cafe.

When I was a sophomore in college, my apartment was located just a few blocks from this place and I spent many a weekday morning there with my roommate and friend, Amy. We had a physics class together in the morning twice a week and would always precede it with an early morning hot yoga session, followed by breakfast at Portage. Believe me when I say their breakfast is the best way to start the morning.

My favorite part about the restaurant is the fruit bar. If you order any of the pancakes, French toast, or yogurt parfait selections, you have access to an unlimited buffet of toppings for your meal. The toppings include fresh fruit, nuts, maple syrup, butter, and freshly made whipped cream.


They also make a mean omelette and wonderful scrambles. One of my favorites is called migas and is a southwestern-inspired egg scramble, wrapped in a tortilla the size of a small baby. Unperturbed by its size, Taylor ordered it and dug right in!

20121230-221521.jpg Portage Bay meals are some of the very few that are too large for me to finish and I always end up taking a box of leftovers home. Today was no different and I am excited to eat my last piece of French toast for breakfast tomorrow!

We had a fabulous time catching up and I loved hearing about her adventures in Egypt. I am amazed that she managed to live in Cairo as long as she did. I have been there a couple of times and while it’s an incredible place to visit, it is much too chaotic and crowded for me to ever want to live there. It was fun to live vicariously through her, though!



2 Nov

It’s the end of the week already? I guess when you get a hurrication, a three day week goes by really quickly. I am looking forward to actually getting outside this weekend and shaking off those last bits of cabin fever from the storm.

I arrived a bit early for volleyball last night and the team playing the match before mine needed a sixth player, so I got to play two matches last night! Great workout + lots of volleyball = win-win situation. Because I had a late game, I didn’t get home until ten o’clock and as such, I had dinner and then called it quits for the night, which means that I haven’t started my novel for NaNoWriMo…already 1,700 words behind – shoot. Guess what I’ll be doing tonight?

I went out for Thai food with my boss at lunch yesterday and ordered pad see ew with extra vegetables. Despite the addition, I still think the vegetables were a little on the skimpy side…

Love those wide rice noodles. Maybe I’ll get some at the store and Stef and I can make our own this weekend. Then I’ll be able to add all the veggies I want!

I didn’t do the best job avoiding the Halloween candy at the front desk at my office, but I did try to stave off the cravings with some Halloween-themed pretzels, instead.

Bats and jack-o-lanterns to start November off right.

While I was eating my yogurt bowl for breakfast this morning (half plain/half honey Greek yogurt, chia seeds, Kashi GoLean, and some chopped apple), I realized that I am in a food slump and my meals are being to feel pretty monotonous. Exhibit A:

Have  you  seen  this before?

Ugh. I know I’m a person of routine and that it’s easier and less time-consuming to eat the same thing repeatedly, but I want to explore all the different foods out there! I’m really not a picky eater and so I feel like I really need to take the leap and venture into a different realm of food. So, I’m going to start by setting a very achievable goal: no yogurt bowls or peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast next week. I hope by posting this on the blog, I’ll be able to hold myself accountable and try out new and different foods for breakfast.

This weekend I’m hoping to get in a few workouts to make up for Monday and Tuesday. I want to go to my usual Saturday morning class (that I’ve totally been skipping out on), but after the end of the week, I really just want my Saturday mornings to be lazy. I’m thinking that Stefano and I should get a hike in at Rock Creek Park before the weather reaches full-on winter.

Hope you all have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Food For Thought: What are your favorite breakfast foods? Do you have a go-to meal that you eat on a regular basis?

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