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Tuesday Tidbits

13 Mar

Good evening! Today has been a whirlwind of news for me, most notably being the new Pope and the announcement that Google Reader is going to be taken away this summer. Yes, the removal of my RSS readers is on par with the assumption of arguably the most powerful religious leader in the world – priorities.

I have been pretty here and there when it comes to my meals lately, but here are some meal tidbits that I am digging these days.

IMG_2188[1]Morningstar Farms Tomato Basil veggie burgers and roasted sweet potato fries. I can tell that I am totally ready for summer barbecues because I have been seriously loving on these burgers.

IMG_2190[1]I have been really good about this month’s goal to go to yoga at least twice a week. My yoga classes are Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so making a batch of overnight oats to grab out of the fridge and bring with me for breakfast after class. This particular batch is repping the tropics with some plain Chobani, shredded coconut, and mango chunks. Is it summer yet?

IMG_2191[1]Doing some prep work over the weekend always makes packing my lunches for the week much easier. Lately I have been into preparing these easy veggie packs to grab and go from the fridge.

Inside the pack:

  • 1 red bell pepper, sliced
  • 1 Persian cucumber, chopped into bite-sized pieces
  • grape tomatoes
  • broccoli florets
  • baby carrots

The nice thing about this combination is that there’s a rainbow of colors, which means I’m getting all sorts of different essential vitamins and minerals that is good for the ol’ bod. This girl can eat, so these aren’t sissy veggie packs either.

Held up to my face for a size comparison.

Held up to my face for a size comparison.

Throwing  a pack in with my lunch for the day ensures I get my fiber on and gives me something healthy to munch on throughout the day.

The final tidbit is not really food related, but I saw it in an issue of Glamour while I was stretching at the gym and thought, “YES!”

glamouritsokayMy little red arrows are a little light, but I hope you can see them. Favorite bands from high school? More like favorite bands from elementary school. N’Sync Pandora – no shame.

Unfortunately this post is going to be rather short as I have a little bit to do to get ready for tomorrow’s Embassy Chef event and I want to be in bed early for yoga tomorrow (my perfect eight hours is actually nine and a half, exactly like the magazines says). I hope the week is going smoothly for everybody so far, hope to check in with you tomorrow.

Lots of love,






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