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19 Dec

Good morning! This morning’s alarm came a little too soon because I was up late, reading Gretchen Powell’s debut novel! I’ve been reading her blog for a little while now and as soon as the book was available, I downloaded it to my Kindle.

IMG_1642[1]I’ll post a review of it later, but I thought it was a nice, easy read. It’s meant to be the first book in a dystopian series  and the ending definitely asks for a sequel.

I realize that I’ve been neglecting to post my eats the last few days. Sometimes I just forget to take pictures of my food and it’s gone before I even realize it – whoops! Since I’m leaving for Seattle on Saturday morning, I only did a very small grocery shop over the weekend so I don’t have food going to waste. Lately, I’ve been a big fan of fried egg sandwiches for breakfast and have been eating them virtually every day. They’re quick and easy and taste delicious!


Lunches have been mostly salad-based (packaged greens were BOGO at Giant) and I’ve taken to eating those delicious red grapes every chance I get! In this particular sandwich thin, I spread some garlic hummus from Trader Joe’s, but I’m also a big fan of using a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese when I feel like switching things up.

IMG_1641[1]Like I said yesterday, I was feeling a quick workout that would get me in and out of the gym last night. I started with a 20 minute interval workout on the elliptical before completing this circuit workout. It’s almost Christmas so I feel like Washington should feel winter-y, but it’s not! The weather has been unseasonably warm. In that vein, I decided to call this workout the Not So Winter Wonderland.

Not So Winter WonderlandI was good and sweaty by the end of the workout, especially with the Burpees – those never fail to get my heart rate skyrocketing. As I was stretching, I noticed that the body fat analyzer was out, so I decided to see where I was. When I first measured my body fat in July, I was at 21.7% and I set a goal to go sub-20% so I could fit into the ‘athlete’ category on the body fat chart. Five months later?

IMG_1644[1]Goal reached! I am pretty thrilled with myself, especially because I didn’t really make a concerted effort to eliminate body fat – I have mostly been focusing on increasing my strength and endurance. It’s nice to see all my effort pay off in a tangible way after all these months! This has made me more sure than ever that the best way to take care of your body is to eat right and get your body moving.

On the walk home from the gym, I was greeted with a row of houses all decked out in Christmas lights.


I imagined how pretty they would look if the streets were covered in snow and all you could see were the lights twinkling. Come on, winter wonderland!

Because I’m trying to clear out the fridge, I decided to make dinner using some big portobello mushrooms that have been in my fridge for a little while. Originally I was going to make portobello burgers, but when I looked at how big they were, I thought it might be interesting to stuff them, instead! What I ended up doing was putting them on a cookie sheet and putting them in the oven for five minutes on ‘broil’. Then I took them out and cracked an egg in each one and put them back in until the eggs were cooked through, about five more minutes. While they were still hot, I topped them with a little bit of marinara sauce and some shredded mozzarella – pizza mushrooms!

IMG_1646[1]A peanut butter sandwich thin also made an appearance which was a perfect hit of sweetness after the mushrooms. Next time, I think I’ll try stuffing them with some sort of grain like couscous or bulgher. I’ve been avoiding quinoa for the past few months because I suspect that it upsets my stomach. I’ll probably give it a go again so just so I can confirm it.

Now it’s another new day and I’m one day closer to vacation! I’m already fantasizing about all the Seattle restaurants I’m going to frequent as soon as I arrive, but that is a post for another day.

Happy Wednesday!







Grocery Comparison

25 Jul

Good morning, all! I have another day of training at work today, so I am up bright and early (by my standards) and ready to take on the day. I was pretty excited about my breakfast this morning – with my Chobani replenished, I was ready to make a kick-butt yogurt bowl. I filled this one with a 6 oz. mango Chobani, a handful of oats, fresh blueberries, some diced strawberries, and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts. It was a symphony of textures and flavors and I loved it!

When I went grocery shopping yesterday, I was thinking about how irritating it was to not know the price differences of the groceries at Target and my nearby grocery store. I had glanced over my receipts before, but they didn’t give me a good enough insight into the price comparison of some major food items. So, I decided to find out for myself.

Armed with a notepad and pen (the good, old-fashioned way), I made my way, first to Target and then to my grocery store. I walked down each aisle and took note of the products I buy regularly and their prices. I did some actual shopping at the grocery store, but when I got back to the house, I looked over the different price points and was really amazed with what I saw – there were some huge differences! The biggest one that shocked me was the cost of fresh mozzarella – $5.99 for 16 oz. at Target and a whopping $8.49 for the exact same size and brand of mozzarella at the grocery store! Ridiculous. I noticed some trends, though. Breads, packaged foods, and refrigerated foods (like milk and eggs, which the exception of yogurt) tended to be cheaper at Target, while fresh produce, baking items, and frozen goods were cheaper at the grocery store. It made me much happier to know the different price points of items and I made a list of “Where To Go For” so I can keep it handy when I go grocery shopping next week!

There a few more pages like the one above, but I just showed you this as a sample because I figured you didn’t want to see the prices of every single item. You’re welcome.

Grocery shopping has been a little bit of a challenge here, just because the cost of living is so much higher and so it has been difficult for me to gauge whether something is overpriced or just expensive because things are more expensive here.

Have you comparison shopped at your local grocery stores? Was there a big difference in prices? What’s the most expensive item on your shopping list?

I hope you all have a magnificent day – tonight’s post will come a little late because I have volleyball this evening, which  goes until 9 PM. See ya later, alligator!

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