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Half My Size

14 Dec

Good morning and happy Friday! One week from today I’ll be packing to head to Seattle for Christmas! I get more and more excited with each passing day.

Instead of my usual gym workout on Thursday nights, I went to George Washington University to play volleyball at an open gym. You may remember these open gyms from when I talked about them over the summer. It’s a great drop-in at the GWU gym and costs only $5 for two hours of play. I had a good time until I noticed sharp pains at the backs of my ankles whenever I landed after a hit or block. I monitored it, but became increasingly concerned as the night went on. Just turned 23 and I’m already falling apart!

Yesterday, my office sent a huge poinsettia to my house. I swear, it is half my size.


I will try to get a picture standing next to it so there’s some size comparison, but it is seriously massive. My office is also completely decorated with smaller poinsettias – it’s like a red forest!

This weekend, I am planning on meeting my friend Ellen to go to Zoo Lights at Woodley Park Zoo here in the city. I have never been and I hear the zoo looks beautiful at night – especially when lit up with over 500,000 lights! I’m really looking forward to it and hope Stefano and I can go together, too before we head to Seattle. He is flying to California this weekend to attend the memorial for his grandpa, so this weekend is going to be all about getting my Christmas shopping done and hanging out with my girls.


We are having a Secret Santa gift exchange at work today and I am looking forward to seeing all the fun things people receive! Maybe I’ll get some ideas for Christmas presents because I have been seriously procrastinating in the gift department this season.

Food for Thought: Have you done Christmas shopping yet? If you celebrate Hanukkah, is it difficult to think of eight days worth of gifts?

My Jewish friends tell me that they usually to several little gifts and then one large present. I kind of like the idea of celebrating a holiday for more than a week! I usually try to find every excuse to celebrate Christmas all month long 🙂


Red and Orange and Yellow, oh my!

22 Oct

Good morning, good morning! Is it really Monday already?

I had such a great weekend and I really didn’t want it to be over! Stefano and I trekked out to Shenandoah Valley to be leaf-peepers and got a great hike in, as well.

The drive out was pleasant, though it took quite a bit long than we had planned. Apparently we weren’t the only ones who decided to see the leaves changing color.


We had a pretty spectacular view to greet us, though.

The trip was so, so worth it. Back in Seattle we mostly have evergreen trees, so while it’s green year-round, we don’t get the dramatic change of color the way the east coast does. It was absolutely breathtaking – so many reds and yellows and oranges!

We got a nice little hike in between the scenic drives.

Some jumping photos may have happened.

We both got some excellent air.

We eventually had to make out way back to Washington for our evening plans:

This was my surprise for Stefano! He and I didn’t get to see Train when they were performing while we were down in Virginia Beach because of a little incident, so I was excited to see that they were going to be in DC and had to snag tickets.

On our way back, we stopped by a little roadside restaurant for some grub. We saw a one-pound burger on the menu and were talking about how much food that was for one meal when the guy in front of us turned around to say that his six year-old kid had just finished it…by himself. What?! I can’t imagine that a six year-old would ever need that much food in one sitting – but his dad was reallllly tall and not a skinny dude, so I imagine he’s going to grow up to be a big guy.

I opted for the bison burger and Stef ordered their house-specialty: the pulled pork sandwich.

I don’t recall ever eating bison before and my opinion of it is pretty neutral. The meat itself was good, but because it’s so lean (it’s 97% fat-free) and they didn’t really season eat, it ended up tasting a little bland. The potato salad on the side was pretty tasty. I don’t eat pork, so I can’t attest to the pulled pork sandwich, but Stef enjoyed it.

The drive back was much faster because of fewer cars on the road, so we had enough time to grab some ice cream before the show. We stopped by Cone E Island, a George Washington University staple that has a variety of different ice creams and toppings. They also have soft-serve, which is what I ended up with.


The concert was fabulous! Train is such a good band and Pat Monahan, the lead singer, is a fabulous entertainer. He was really good at getting the audience excited and gave away a signed guitar to a little boy at the end of the concert. Also, he and his family live in Issaquah, Washington, so there’s Pacific Northwest love!

After a fabulous Saturday, Sunday was all about getting ready for the week, which means laundry and other equally exciting chores. Last night, the Sounders played FC Dallas and we watched Seattle pull out a 3-1 win! Fun fact:  George John, one of the players on FC Dallas went to our high school and Stefano played soccer with him on the school team (Stef was a freshman, George was a senior). Aaaaaaaaand that’s the closest our hometown gets to fame.

Now it’s Monday and back to the daily grind, but today is my roommate’s 25th birthday and tomorrow I turn 23! Maybe I’ll muster up the motivation to do something to celebrate 🙂

Have a wonderful start to your week, everyone!









Pack Horse

8 Aug

Good evening, lovelies. Man, it is late over here. I left my house over 15 hours ago! Busy, busy.

Work went well today, I got to have lunch with one of my co-workers who I really enjoy talking to. We had lunch at Dupont Circle, which is essentially a large traffic circle, but is big enough to be a small park with benches and fountains.

Today’s lunch was the last batch of quinoa and veggies, with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

And on the side, I had my ever-present strawberries and carrots, along with a package of Planter’s Nuts and Chocolate trail mix. Tomorrow’s lunch will be different, I swear!

While I munched on my lunch, Ashley looked over a Supreme Court case that she was writing an op-ed piece on.

Studious Ashley

I worked a little later than usual tonight, but still had plenty of time to get to the GWU gym where the volleyball open gym was taking place. On the stroll over, I munched on another Kashi trail mix bar that I nicked from the office stash (this must end!).

I arrived at the gym a few minutes early, so I caught up with Stefano on the phone. He got into a fender-bender earlier in the day (his first accident ever!) when a guy rear-ended him as he was stopped at a light, waiting to turn (he’s fine, don’t worry!). The drivers in this city are absolutely ridiculous, but that’s a blog post for another day. By seven, it was time to volley!

There weren’t as many people there today and winner stayed on for the advanced court. My team won all of our matches, so I fit in two hours of straight volleyball – it was fabulous!!! Speaking of volleyball, did anyone catch the beach volleyball match at the Olympics today??? Let it be known that Misty May Trainor and Kerri Walsh are absolute legends.

After volleyball, I really wanted to stop by Trader Joe’s, since I was in the neighborhood of the only TJ’s in town (criminal, I know). I was a little hesitant because I was already carrying my workout bag, my purse, and my lunchbox, but TJ’s won in the end.

The TJ beacon

I tried to limit myself this time around, since I had to carry it all on the metro with me and I was already loaded down with stuff, but I always get carried away when I’m here. The cost of living is so high in Washington and Trader Joe’s is the only place I’ve found with grocery prices comparable to Seattle. It’s a little out of the way for me, so I always try to stock up whenever I’m there (which has been twice since moving here in July). Here’s a little peek into my basket…

Don’t mind the huge bag of white cheddar corn puffs, just focus on the eggs, peaches, zucchini, and other healthy goodies 😉

The trip home was definitely a slog, but luckily I had my mom on the phone to keep me company. I made a half-hearted attempt at photographing myself looking like a pack horse.

Lunchbox, one bag of groceries, and keys in the right hand. Big bag of groceries slung over right shoulder. Workout bag and purse (with phone inside) slung over left shoulder. It’s official: I’m a bag lady.

Finally made it home and stuffed my face munched on a few corn puffs before getting my clothes all ready for tomorrow. The alarm is set for 6 AM so I can get to a Body Pump class at 7…yikes. We’ll see if I actually end up getting there. It’s almost midnight here so it’s off to bed for me – hope you all have a wonderful night!

Staples, Marshalls, and Target (oh my!)

17 Jul

Good evening all!

Pretty late over here, but I’m just out of the shower after getting back from volleyball. It was an open gym held at George Washington University and had a great turnout. There were lots of people of all skill levels who came out to play and it was nice that they had the four courts divided up by skill level so you had no trouble feeling like you were getting in a good game. For those of you who don’t know me personally, I have been a volleyball player for over 12 years and played competitively through high school and college (though not on the college team). After I moved to Rome, I stopped playing for a long time and it’s only now that I’m getting back on the court. Really looking forward to the upcoming open gyms and the volleyball league that I signed up to play in that starts at the beginning of August. Feels good to be back on the court!

Earlier in the day, I went over to a shopping mall that has a Staples, Marshalls, and Target all in one complex! My goal was to scope out their organizational items and strategize for when I get into the office at the end of the month and make it nice and organized. Am I the only one who just loves office supplies and containers? At each store, I just spent tons of time looking at all the fun ways to store things, along with all the fun office supplies (Staples and Target have neon colored composition notebooks!). Here are some of the goodies I’m thinking about using in my office. Let me know if you have suggestions of good ways to store LOTS of paper and files.

This would be great for organizing incoming/outgoing papers

Definitely have to get a couple of these to organize client files

So many containers!!! I’m sure I could find a use for them…

Amidst the organizational chaos, I got a bit sidetracked by these Steve Maddens at Marshalls…

I have been looking for work-appropriate clothes, but the shoe part always seems to come more naturally to me. Luckily, I resisted because I had JUST purchased a pair of heels last week and it seems a little ridiculous to have more pairs of shoes than you do clothes. But only a little ridiculous.

I also saw this really cute laundry basket that I want to buy after I’ve moved into my permanent house. It matches my color scheme of purple and gray perfectly!

On the way out, I stopped by the Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look at all those goodies they have to offer. I am so excited to get married someday because I can’t wait to register for things and take the little scanner and zap all the things my little heart desires! Someday…

I did find a really great duvet cover and throw pillows that I absolutely loved but were a little too far out of my price range. Might have to find a DIY-version on Pinterest and get crafty.

I had a little bit of time to spare after I left the shopping center, so I popped over to my future home and ate ice cream sandwiches with one of my future roomies. He is a ridiculously talented baker so I am so excited to move in, though slightly worried about my waistline. Shortly afterwards, I caught the bus downtown to catch up with an old high school friend for happy hour! It was great being able to see how he has been and have him tell me about the job he’s at for the summer. He is staying in Foggy Bottom, which is where GWU is located, so he kindly walked me over to the gym where I spent the evening playing volleyball.

It was a great day overall and I am SO ready for bed after 2+ hours of volleyball! I hope everybody has a great night and I look forward to catching up with all of you in the morning.


Blogging Mishaps

17 Jul

Well, I had my first blogging disaster this morning – my post was empty after I published it! I really have no idea what happened, as the preview looked totally normal. Nevertheless, I hit ‘Publish’ and poof! The post was gone. So here is take two of this morning’s post. Unfortunately, it is a bit more abbreviated because I have to go start my day!

This morning I woke up later than usual because I was up a little too late last night. Breakfast was simple, but delicious: a Chobani strawberry yogurt cup topped with fresh blueberries and strawberries (have a mentioned how much I love summer fruit?). On the side I toasted a cinnamon raisin, mini bagel with peanut butter on top.

It’s already a scorcher over here, the sun is blazing and, as of 10 AM, Washington was the hottest city in the country – yikes. That means I am going to try my best to stay inside. I am heading off to Target and Marshalls to spend the day looking at their organization sections to brainstorm a plan for making my office desk all pretty when I finally start at the end of the month. When I went in for training last week, I noticed that the desk area was completely covered in papers, files, folders, and random post-its and there was hardly any room to work. Naturally, my control-freak, organized self began itching to get the space clean and organized. I call this the ‘Pinterest Effect’. So I am going to spend the day looking at containers, filing cabinets, and other fun organizing things – I really lead an exciting life.

Also on the plate today is a happy hour get together with a friend I haven’t seen since high school! He is spending the summer working in DC and we only just found out that we’re both in the same city. It will be fun to get together and catch up on the past, oh, four years of our lives. Then later this evening I am headed to George Washington University for a volleyball open gym! I am looking forward to being on the court after a year-long hiatus when I lived in Rome.

I will check back this evening to let you know how it went and what my game plan is for my office. I hope you have a wonderful day (and stay cool for those of you in Washington, or equally hot cities)!

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