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Burrata Caprese and Why Spooning is Better

22 Apr

Long-time readers of my blog will be very aware of my publicly declared love for burrata. So you can imagine my excitement when Stefano and I found a big ol’ tub of it at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market the other weekend.

IMG_2425[1]$13 later (worth it!) and I couldn’t wait to get home to eat it all up. Also in my possession was an $11.50 wedge of cheese and a salmon empanada. My eyes are a little bigger than my stomach.

Stef, for all my rants and raves, has yet to experience real burrata. Most of the stuff we have encountered thus far has been fresh mozzarella stuffed with ricotta cheese. While delicious, this is not the stuff of legends. The truly mind-blowing burrata experience is when the mozzarella has been made within the past couple of days and is stuffed with the leftover shreds of mozzarella and fresh cream. You can die happy now.

When he asked me how we should eat it, I had fully intended on just digging in with a spoon until I had reached dairy Shangri La. The skeptical look on his face told me that there was no way in cream-filled hell that  I was going to get away with that. So I did the next best thing and made a caprese salad with it.

IMG_2435[1]I knew as soon as I cut into the cheese that it was going to be a rather messy affair, but we managed quite nicely. On a bed of sliced tomatoes and topped with fresh basil, a drizzle of EVOO, and salt and pepper, this was the least adulterated burrata that Stef would allow.

IMG_2436[1]Hello, creamy delicousness. This is the best burrata that I’ve been able to find in the DMV area – it comes from the Blue Ridge Dairy Co. in Leesburg, Virginia and I knew it was going to be good when they had fresh buffalo mozzarella and smoked mozzarella, too. While buffalo mozz is still number one in Stefano’s heart, I am so happy that I have a chance to indulge in the buttery creaminess that is fresh burrata without having to fly back to Rome – even if I have to spend nearly $15 to get it!

The verdict on the caprese? Still delicious (and the EVOO and S + P are a must), but I maintain that the best and only way to eat burrata is with a spoon and a smile. Because spooning is always better.





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