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Visitors in Town

26 Oct

Happy, happy Friday!!!!

I’ve got a couple of visitors in town this weekend. My friend Lucy, who I have known since first grade when we were in Brownies together, is in DC with her friend from college to scope out law schools and grad schools. I have a roommate out of town who generously offered her room to them, so they’re with me until Sunday afternoon!

I had a great rest of my Thursday after posting in the morning. At lunch, I met my friend Ellen at Burger Tap and Shake by Washington Circle in Foggy Bottom. She was treating me for lunch for my birthday and I love burgers (this was my third one this week!) so I was game. In the effort to mitigate my burger consumption, I ordered a vegetarian burger, which was a falafel patty with feta, pickled vegetables, and a cilantro yogurt sauce. On the menu it’s called the Haight-Ashbury and it’s an excellent pick, even for non-vegetarians. My only complaint was that the patty could have been a little more moist (hate that word), or that there was more yogurt sauce to compensate for the dryness.

Ellen ordered their house burger and a side of sweet potato fries and we split a cookies n’ cream milkshake.

One of the great things about BTS is that they make everything in house (except for the sweet potato fries) and use local, natural ingredients for everything from their meat to their homemade buns. An excerpt from their website says,

“Throughout the day, we grind on premise a custom blend of 3-day aged, naturally raised Local Harvest beef chuck and brisket.  Char-griddled and served on a buttered, toasted, house made bun. By focusing on premium sourcing and in-house production – from pickles to ice cream – we are able to serve a great burger at a great price.”

And it’s true! Their house burger is only $6 and their specialty burgers are $8 – an excellent price for such quality ingredients! I’m a fan.

Ellen brought me a little gift in a bag she knew I would love.

I’m 23 going on 6.

Inside were some wonderful homemade treats for the holidays like white chocolate peanut clusters, caramel truffles, and maple sugar candy that she brought back from her hometown in Canada! I can’t get enough of that stuff!

After finishing up work in the afternoon, I made my way to my volleyball game and got a great workout in, though we lost (so close!). I love that volleyball is still accessible for me after high school and college because it really is a defining part of who I am.

The evening was spent catching up with Lucy and her friend Milena – I love girl talk!

This morning’s breakfast was another PB & J with chia seeds (I told you I can eat the same thing for days on end!), a baby sweet potato, and a small scoop of plain Greek yogurt.

While typing this up, I found a mini-protein bar that was a sample being given out at my gym a few days ago.

It was nice and minty and tasted kind of like a York Peppermint Patty. I am not a huge fan of protein bars, because I feel like they have a really strange aftertaste, so I probably wouldn’t go out and buy them. I am on the hunt for a protein bar that doesn’t taste weird after chewing it – any suggestions? This mini size was the perfect amount for a mid-morning snack.

What do you all have planned for the weekend? I am probably going to stop by a couple of Halloween parties, but I don’t think I’m going to dress up. I was hoping to, but I really lost motivation as the month went on. Maybe I’ll scrounge together something at the last minute – we’ll see!

There is supposed to be a huge storm hitting the East coast over the weekend, which they have dubbed ‘Frankenstorm’ on account of its proximity to Halloween. I’ve been reading mixed reports about where/when it’s going to land, so we will see if I need to be prepared! Seattle has really mild weather, so I have absolutely zero experience with hurricanes or tropical storms. What do I need to do to be prepared? Any suggestions are welcome 🙂

Food For Thought: Do you have any Halloween plans this weekend? If you’re dressing up, what is your costume?

Have a great weekend!

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