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Boy Meets World and Boxing

23 Jul

Good evening, beautiful people!

I had a gloriously lazy day today, which are numbered as it is less than a week until work starts and I have training on Wednesday and Thursday. After breakfast I did some super exciting things, like cleaning the kitchen and doing laundry. The rest of the afternoon was split between reading a book and watching Boy Meets World. Am I the only one who forgot how amazing that show is??? I am starting it from Season 1 and working my way through to Season 7 and I am SO excited. Cory was such a cute kid and his brother, Eric must be the best looking 15-year-old EVER.

At lunch I didn’t feel like getting a lot of dishes dirty, since I had just cleaned the kitchen, so I heated up my leftover quinoa and added some chopped green pepper, tomatoes, and feta cheese for a quick and easy lunch.

Then it was basically back to Boy Meets World and reading again. Rough life, I know. I did some browsing online for furniture, particularly a bed, since I can move into my new house next weekend. I am trying to decide if I want to be a real adult and spring for a quality bed, or if I’m feeling an Ikea one. Oh, the trials and tribulations of adulthood.

I left earlier than usual for the gym because it’s Body Pump and that class usually fills up really quickly. As expected, the room was already pretty full when I arrived 15 minutes early. While we waited for the class to start, I made a new friend! Her name is Ellen and she’s a newbie to DC, as well. It was her first Body Pump class, so I showed her all the equipment that was necessary. By the time I got to my weights, all of my normal weights were gone, so I had to use heavier ones and MAN, could I feel the burn as a result! The leg workouts were harder, but still manageable and has encouraged me to upgrade permanently on the lower body sections, but the arms were extremely difficult and I was unable to finish some of the sets with the heavier weights. Guess I have to get there even earlier next time!

After Body Pump, I had planned to stick around to try a new class, Boxing 101. I asked Ellen if she wanted to join and she agreed to be a first-timer at the class with me. The instructor is an ex-military, ex-Olympic boxer and he is super positive, but also very precise in his instruction. I absolutely LOVED the class and when Ellen and I left, we were really excited to go to another one. I’ve never taken any kind of martial arts or fighting, so I had no idea what to do, but it was still nice to try something new! I will let you guys know how that comes along, especially if I commit to buying gloves!

When I got home, I was so ready for dinner. Unfortunately, pickings were slim as I have yet to go grocery shopping for the week, so I scraped together the last of the salad fixings to make a large salad, with some carrots and red pepper hummus on the side. I decided to get fancy and top the salad with some roasted sesame seeds, which added a nice nuanced flavor to the salad.

After I pop in the shower, I am going to spend the evening catching up on blog posts and then reading the book I just started, ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’ by Michael Pollan. Have any of you read the book? What did you think about it? I wish everybody a wonderful evening, see you in the morning!

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