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DC Fit Blogger Meet-Up at Revolve

4 Mar

By now, many of you have probably seen the recaps of this event from many DC-area bloggers. Remember when I told you last week that was going to be attending a meet-up with some fitness bloggers from the area? The wonderful people at Revolve DC were so kind and offered to host all of us for one of their famous Body Rides. Their studio has a couple of options available and this one was a combination of intense cardio and some upper body strength conditioning with weights (go here for a description of all of their classes).


I took the metro over with Allison and we got to meet some of the other people riding with us before the rest of the group arrived.


From the left are: Allison from Wicked Healthy Washingtonian, myself, Ashley from Coffee Cake and Cardio, Jummy from ABC News, and Melissa from The Washingtonian.

The instructor leading our ride was the lovely Francina, who also teaches Zumba, in addition to her day job as a lawyer. I was talking with some girls after the event and just amazed at how much she manages to fit in one day. Are you sure your day is only 24 hours, Francina?


Anyway, she was so much fun and gave us a few minutes before the ride to introduce ourselves. It was the most bizarre feeling to meet people for the first time in person, yet already know intimate details about their lives from reading their blog. Each time she introduced a blogger I follow, I thought to myself “wow, I probably wouldn’t have recognized her on the street but I know what she ate for breakfast.” Strange.


It was so, so fun to be able to meet the people behind the blogs I have been reading. I was seated next to Allison, whom you all know by now, and on my right was Molly from Heart, Sole & Cereal. I had only discovered her blog about a week before this event, but she is hilarious both in writing and in person. We rocked out to some awesome jams and I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who knew all the lyrics to Kanye’s Gold Digger. You best believe we all “want pre-nup”.

The ride itself was such a fun experience! I had never been to a proper spin studio before and had only taken the spin classes offered at my gym. At this studio, spin shoes are required (you can rent them for $2 at Revolve) and it makes a huge difference in the ride. I felt much more comfortable and secure while riding in the spin shoes. Usually I find myself “gripping” the pedals with my toes to get more control, but the spin shoes take out all that mumbo jumbo.

Francina was a fabulous instructor. She confessed to us that she was super nervous about the ride because she knew we would all be writing about it afterwards, but she was wonderful – seriously. She was upbeat, fun, and motivating. The time flew by – rare for me because I’m almost always looking at the clock during spin class. Before I knew it, the 45 minutes were up and it was time to socialize!

After the ride, Gouter was on hand to provide us with delicious post-workout libations and snacks. Because we are fitness nuts and food bloggers, we had to have an awesome post-workout happy hour. Gouter is a company specializing in raw vegan tonics and treats and they sold me on them as soon as I tried the Mexican “hot chocolate”. It was made of raw cashews, coconut nectar, cacao, vanilla, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and sea salt and it blew me away. Who knew cashews were so creamy in liquid form?

IMG_2116[1]They also had some delicious treats that were unlabeled, but delicious nonetheless.

IMG_2117[1]When I found out they sold their products at Sticky Fingers, a vegan bakery near my house, I made a pledge to drop by soon.

Before everybody went their separate ways, I got to chat with the other bloggers who were all so nice and friendly! I loved getting to see more of their personalities outside of their blogs.

meaghanallisonHere I am with Meaghan of DC Fit Crasher and Allison (thanks for the picture, Meaghan 😉 )

bloggersandfrancinaThe three of us with Anne of fANNEtastic Food and Francina, our wonderful instructor, on the far left!

There were so many other wonderful people I didn’t get a chance to talk to and I am looking forward to the next opportunity to see all of these inspiring bloggers. Despite the initial weirdness of meeting people from online in person for the first time, I had a total blast and I can’t wait for the next meet-up!


Thanks again to Revolve DC for being so kind and offering to host us at your beautiful studio!

Not Sure When That Happened

28 Feb

At some point this month, I turned into a runner.

IMG_2106[1]Not sure when that happened, but I have been running for my workouts at least 4 days this past week. As someone who usually only runs when somebody is chasing her (or when her boyfriend convinces her to race), nobody is more surprised than myself. Yesterday I popped on the treadmill for a short run because I had to get home to work on a translation project that I am doing. I’ll tell you, there’s nothing like 60 pages of translating to make you feel simultaneously proud and embarrassed about your skills in a foreign language.

My dinner was in two parts because I did a horrible job of timing when to start cooking my salmon. I had some sweet potato fries roasting in the oven and thought they would be done by the time my salmon fillet was done, but nope. So while I was ready for this:

IMG_2109[1]The sweet potatoes were still in here:


I am love love loving sweet potato fries this week – they are totally worth the wait.

Since I had plans to go to yoga this morning, I also prepped some overnight oats in advance for breakfast. This batch included sliced strawberries and shredded coconut.

IMG_2107[1]Even though I’m not anywhere tropical, my breakfast doesn’t need to know that!

After a less than stellar night’s sleep, I made it to yoga this morning (whoohoo! Two for two this week!) and was, once again, super thankful I did. After two classes I am feeling so relaxed and can feel the tension in my shoulders and hips easing up a bit. I’m on the lookout for some at home yoga videos (preferably online) so I can do it from home on the weekends.

This morning, our instructor really focused on loosening up the hamstrings, so there was a lot of this:

trikonasanaAnd this:

reclined-big-toe-pose-exI definitely can’t do that – thank goodness for straps!

This evening, I am looking forward to an extra special spin class at Revolve. They are hosting a class for DC fitness bloggers and I am so excited to meet people like Anne, Joelle, and Meaghan. Of course, my girl Allison will be there, as well. I can’t wait to work out with these ladies and so many other great bloggers I have yet to meet!

I have heard so many wonderful things about the studio and I think it’s going to be amazing, particularly because I have never tried spin outside of my gym.

Then it’s Friday and the first day of March! Holy cow, did February fly or what? I need to start getting my act together to plan something special for Stef’s birthday at the end of the month, so give me some ideas, folks! After six years’ worth of birthdays, Valentine’s Days, anniversaries, and Christmas-es, my creative juices are running a little low.

Food For Thought: If you are a blogger, have you ever been to a blogger meet-up? How did it go?

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