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Billy Goat Trail

20 Aug

It’s only mid-afternoon and I’ve got a case of the “Mondaze”…I’ve just been very flitty and unable to concentrate, so I thought I would recap my Sunday.

It started out nice and early because I was headed up to meet my friend Ellen before going on a hike in Maryland called the Billy Goat Trail at ten. It would have been nice to sleep in a little later, but have had this hike planned for weeks now and I wasn’t about to put it off any longer!

I started off the day with a simple, but tasty breakfast that consisted of some Kashi Go Lean cereal, a handful of raw oats, and soy milk. I sprinkled the last of my Costco blueberries on top and now I am officially out of fresh fruit.

I hopped on the bus to Silver Spring and met Ellen at the station and, after a brief stop at the golden arches to pick up some coffee for her, we were on our way!

The hike was not a hike by my Northwestern definition, which is usually up, up, and more up. It was more a nature walk with brief periods of scrambling across giant boulders, which was a good time. There were some really nice views of the Potomac River as we made our way along the 4 mile trail.

Why so dark and gloomy? Because about 3 seconds after that photo was taken, the heavens opened and unleashed an absolute downpour. We were soaked to the bone and I looked rather odd, because I had stuff my back pack under my shirt, kangaroo-style, to prevent my stuff (namely my phone) from getting wet. That made the rest of the boulder-scrambles a bit more challenging because the rocks became veryyy slick. We finished without any injuries, though our shoes looked like we had just trudged through a swamp.

When I got home, I was ready for a hot shower and something warm in my belly. Luckily, I had those yummy leftovers from my date night with Stef and I happily stuffed my face with beef brisket tortelloni.

Because of the dreary weather, I really didn’t want to do anything outside, so I read a book while Stef did some prep work for his first day of school, followed by a nice afternoon nap. The lethargy carried over into the evening and I didn’t feel like making anything super elaborate for dinner – leftovers it was! I finished up the last of my Summer Squash pasta and felt like I had indulged in my pasta quota for the week.

One wonderful thing was accomplished on Sunday, and that was thanks to a wonderful discovery I made while walking Stef to his car. In the front yard of one of my neighbors’ houses was a sign that said ‘Free fresh-cut rosemary’ and a HUGE pile of the delicious-smelling herb right alongside. I snagged a few sprigs and when I got home, my roommates and I decided that rosemary bread was definitely on the books for tonight. My baker roommate got the starter going and we’re going to get baking after I get home tonight. SO EXCITED. The rosemary smells absolutely fabulous and I can’t wait to have fresh, homemade bread in the house!

Hope you all are having a Monday that’s a little less lazy than mine is. Catch ya this evening after my Body Pump class – I hope it wakes me up!





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