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Rooftop Party

28 Jul

Good morning! It’s the weekend!

When I left you last, I was headed to the gym for a personal training session, a workout, and then a rooftop screening of the opening ceremony of the Olympics. This was my last of the three personal training sessions that came with my gym membership. I enjoyed working with my personal training, who was fun and had some great workouts for me, but it is very costly and I don’t know if it would really benefit me when I can come up with workouts on my own.

After the workout with my trainer (approximately 40 minutes), I was originally going to take a boot camp class, but decided that I needed to do some cardio to prepare for the Rock ‘n’ Roll in Virginia Beach over labor day weekend. I went upstairs and hopped on a treadmill to do a 5k. I’m at a 10.1 minute/mile pace right now, but I took it really easy, so I think I could drop at least a minute off of that time.

After the workout, it was time for the rooftop party! When I got up to the roof, they were doing a yoga class to raise donation money for a yoga instructor who was beat up last weekend on the way home from his house and needed surgery. Like many people, he doesn’t have health insurance, so the fundraiser was to help pay for medical expenses.

As we were waiting to get the screen set up, a lady manning the drink station asked me if I wanted to try some kombucha. I have liked kombucha in the past, but I never buy it because it’s generally really expensive and I like to eat my calories instead of drink them. They had a couple of different flavors, but I ended up trying the lemongrass basil, which was super tasty! I find basil coming up in a lot of sweet things and I feel like it gives a refreshing flavor, much like mint does. Again, I’m probably not going to start buying kombucha, but I did enjoy this after a workout.

They started setting up the screen and so I, along with a girl from my boxing class who I ran into, went over to grab good seats.

The gym had ordered a bunch of pizzas from Dominos and even had a popcorn machine set up! I am not the biggest fan of Dominos pizza, but it was dinner time and I was really hungry after running that 5k, so I downed three slices of the veggie pizza. It actually turned out to be quite tasty! There was even spinach and feta on it!

And then it was time for the Olympics to begin!!! I was so, so excited and definitely got goosebumps, what with all the epic music and intense set changes. I loved how quintessentially British it was and thought it was hilarious that they included things like the National Health Service as highlights of the performance.

Later that night, Stefano arrived from Philadelphia and we are now officially living in the same city after 13 months! I am so excited. His parents also flew in late last night and we took them over to the place they were staying, so it was 3 am before I got to bed.

We are going to spend this weekend furniture shopping for Stefano and me and car shopping for Stefano. My hope is to find a bed today so I can move into my permanent house as soon as possible. I will let you know how things go and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Quick Question: Did you watch the opening ceremonies? What did you think of it?

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