The Main Characters

The Author

That’s me! Hello, I’m Sara. I’m originally from Seattle, WA and a recent graduate of the University of Washington (go Dawgs!).

I am stateside again after a year-long stint in Rome, Italy.

I just transplanted to the other Washington (DC) and now work at an international law firm. I love sports and being active – especially volleyball, belly dance, and all sorts of fitness classes. I have a massive sweet tooth and eat pasta like it’s my job. If you’d like to read more about why I started the Magia and Pasta blog, you can just hop over here.

The Boyfriend

You’re going to hear a lot about this guy on my blog – Stefano (or more often than not, Stef) is my boyfriend of over six years.

We met at the ripe, old age of 12 in 7th grade science class, became friends at age 15, started dating at 17, and have been together ever since!

Here we are at age sixteen!

He’s a fitness fanatic and pasta addict right along with me and his love for pesto might rival his love for me.

He’s a runner, soccer player, and is currently teaching middle school science  – guess our first meeting left a good impact on him 😉 .

The Parentals

My mommy and daddy (yes, I still call them that) are the greatest. They are both so supportive of me and offer great advice when I get worried about the future and what it holds.

My mommy is an avid Bikram yoga practitioner and speaks a bajillion languages (okay, probably 4 or 5). She is the best when I need a shoulder to cry on and makes ridiculously yummy chocolate chip cookie bars.

I’m a total daddy’s girl. He and I are almost too similar – loquacious, persuasive, and stubborn to a fault. We are either in total agreement or duking it out over who is right and wrong. He often appears like the tough guy when people first meet him, but he is a total teddy bear.

The Baby Brother

He’s probably going to hate me for using this picture, but I thought it appropriate since he’s in the kitchen. My brother is a seriously master chef – he started cooking in high school and his teacher recognized a hidden talent. Since then, he’s been working at really awesome restaurants all over Seattle and I look forward to the day he opens his own restaurant!

We drove each other crazy as kids (and still do, sometimes), but I have grown to love and appreciate him so much over the years. We are total opposites, it’s a wonder that we came from the same parents, but he’s my baby brother and I love him!

2 Responses to “The Main Characters”

  1. projectwhitespace March 4, 2013 at 6:58 pm #

    love how you presented the “characters” in your blog. Looks like you have good people around you!

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