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Leaving on a Jet Plane

22 Jun

It has been 17 days since my last blog post – WOW!

I’m dropping by to tell you, dear readers, that the next time you read a new post by me, I will be debuting my brand spankin’ new website! A huge thank you to Melissa from Jelly Design Studio for helping me put the vision in my head on paper…er, blog.

I decided that I am just going to start fresh with a brand new design, site, and content. Yep, a blank slate. I will tell you when my new website is available, but after it comes up, I will no longer be blogging at this page. It has been a fabulous year with Magia e Pasta and blogging consistently has helped me develop and discover what I am truly interested in writing about.

For now, I am getting ready to head to the airport in just a few hours! I am off on a glorious two week vacation – one week catching up with family and friends in Seattle and the next in Hood River, Oregon for Stefano’s brother’s wedding. I absolutely cannot wait to be back in the Pacific Northwest.

Thanks for sticking with me, I promise it will be worth it!

Sending big hugs to all of you and happy summer!!!

Does anyone else absolutely love this song? John Denver’s the best.


5 Jun

If you are one of the observant folk who follow me on various social media accounts, you will  notice that some changes have been made to my Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest accounts – chiefly, that the names have been changed from Magia e Pasta to Taste in Translation. After a few weeks of hum-ing and haw-ing, I decided to get my act in gear and start taking the steps towards turning this blog into the vision I have in my head. I am in touch with a website designer and we’re working on all the nitty gritties to turn my grandiose imaginings into a reality! Thank you guys for sticking with me and I cannot wait to reveal the revamped final product to you! Change is not usually something I’m comfortable with, but it’s good for the soul and this has been a good exercise for me.

Bucket Lists and Cronuts

3 Jun

Happy Monday, all! It’s dreary in Washington, but we had a rather nice weekend where I managed to cross a major item off of my bucket list:

French toast

Yes indeed, folks – I managed to eat the trifecta of starchy, carb-y breakfasts in one weekend. I call it a major success.

In other starchy, carb-y news, a new breakfast dessert has come to town and it’s brought to you by the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City.


Picture from Dominique Ansel Bakery

The cronut is a cross between a donut and a croissant and is said to be a lighter, flakier version of a cruller. Made from croissant pastry dough, the cronut is then fried and flavored by tossing it in sugar and then filling it with ganache before topping it with icing.

Apparently, the pastry mutation is so popular that the bakery is selling out 20 minutes into their opening sales. Each cronut is $5 and there is a 6 cronut limit for each customer. The pastries are so popular that New Yorkers have started scalping cronuts on Craigslist. Yes, that is a fact, see for yourself.

I am of the opinion that the croissant, when made well, is a thing of beauty and does not need to be butchered by being deep fried and then covered in a sugar bomb. Also, the name always reminds me of Cro-Magnons, which leads to me imagine lumbering, Neanderthal-esque beasts chomping on pseudo-pastries.

What are your thoughts on the craze?

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