Raindrops on Roses

15 Mar

Raindrops on roses, while beautiful, are not among a few of my favorite things. Instead of a Follow Friday post, I wanted to use today to post about some of my magia moments this week. I know lots of people do this type of thing (what is it with bloggers and alliteration???) but I just couldn’t wait until Monday to share. So, without further ado…

  • Random run-ins: I was out for a lunchtime walk yesterday when I ran into Allison! I have been missing her face lately because we almost never see each other at the gym anymore (what’s up with that, girl?) so it was so wonderful to see her! We were both on our lunch breaks and getting some fresh air and sunshine so she introduced me to P Street and we caught up on life. She is awesome, guys, seriously.
  • Honoring my body: I talked about this yesterday, but I’m extra glad that I have been listening to my body and not forcing it to do something for the sake of a “quality workout”. I have been loving the morning yoga (best #10for10 goal ever) and am reminding myself that yoga is just as necessary for my body as cardio and HIIT is.
  • Peanut butter cookies: My roommate cooked up a batch of peanut butter cookies the other night and they are SO good! Generally speaking, I do not care for peanut butter-flavored things (I do love PB, though!), but these cookies have been out of this world. I’ll have to sneak his recipe to share with you guys.
  • Bathroom dance parties: I always bring my phone into the bathroom while I am getting ready in the morning so I can rock out to some tunes on Pandora while attempting to put eyeliner on correctly (that never happens). Lately, the playlists that have been popping up have been amazing! What is it about hearing one great song after another that brightens your mood? Loving this.
  • Embassy Chef Challenge: I will post a full recap of this next week, but if you follow me on Twitter, you can get a peek into how my night went. It was wonderful!!! I kept saying to Stef how I wished I had four stomachs so I could eat more delicious food. I was full to bursting, but it was worth the stomach pains because now I know why people drop lots of money to go to events like these. If I had my way, I would go to something like this at least once a month.

So those are a few highlights of the week that’s finishing up and here’s a sneak-peek into the things I am looking forward to this weekend:

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll USA: Rock ‘n’ Roll is coming to DC on Saturday! Stefano is racing and I am so excited to cheer him on. Here’s hoping he crosses the finish line, unlike his first RnR race…I know many fellow bloggers in the area are going to be running this, so make sure to let me know if you’ll be there and I will be there to cheer for you!
  • NBC Health and Fitness Expo: I have no idea what to expect from this thing, but I like health and fitness and free samples, so what’s the downside? Plus, Allison, Ashley, and Carly are going to be there, so more HLB fun!
  • FBI vs. Secret Service hockey game: I know nothing about hockey and have no idea why I’m going, but my friends are going so it’s guaranteed to be fun.

Food For Thought: What are some of your magia moments from this past week? What are you looking forward to in the upcoming weeks?

Wishing you all the best weekend and a very happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am not Irish and have absolutely no history of celebrating it, but I will manage to find something green to wear on Sunday 🙂

3 Responses to “Raindrops on Roses”

  1. wickedhealthywashingtonian33 March 15, 2013 at 1:42 pm #

    I love this post 🙂 And not just because I’m referenced more than once he he.

  2. Meaghan - dcfitcrasher March 16, 2013 at 4:16 pm #

    Such a fun post! My friend Tiffany is singing the national anthem at the hockey game tonight – hope you enjoy it!


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