Aloic Aloe Vera Juice Review

27 Feb

When I first started exploring the healthy living community, there were so many foods I discovered that I never knew existed. Chia seeds, flax seeds, amaranth flour – where had I been this whole time?

Reading about aloe vera juice, my first reaction was, “you can drink aloe vera?” My only association with it was treating my poor skin after a particularly rough session in the sun while in Cabo San Lucas over spring break.


When Diana from Epicurex contacted me to try their new line, Aloic Organic, I was definitely curious and had no idea what to expect.

IMG_2070[1]I was so excited after opening this box, not only for the aloe juice, but for what it came wrapped in.

IMG_2071[1]Does anyone else love popping these things? Pretty sure I drove my roommates up a wall.

IMG_2080[1]So what did I think of the juice? It was way more mild than I had anticipated. I was half-expecting it to have the same goopy texture that aloe vera gel does, but it was totally normal. It wasn’t overly sweet (11 grams of organic cane sugar per serving) and the aftertaste reminded me of a grape Jolly Rancher.

The juice comes with pulp in it and the texture is very similar to having pulp in your orange juice. If that bothers you, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be a fan of this stuff. What is totally rad is all of the nutrients in aloe vera. The stuff is chock full of calcium; zinc; magnesium; B1, B2, B6, C, E vitamins; beta carotene; and amino acids. That’s quite a punch for such a bottle of juice!

Each bottle is 16 oz., but the serving size is only 8 oz. Personally, it bothers me when you have a normal-size package and it contains more than one serving – who drinks half a bottle of juice?

I was digging all the organic ingredients and the fact that the sugar content is much lower than sports drinks and soda.

I had my roommates and boyfriend try them out. One thought it was gross, two were on the fence, and one absolutely adored the stuff. I think the fact that there’s pulp in it will really turn people on or off from the stuff and maybe providing a no pulp alternative will attract some other people.

The drink gave me that sort of feeling while drinking it that you feel when you put it on sunburned skin, sort of a cool, refreshed feeling. Plus it made me think of Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory, which is always a plus.


If aloe vera juice is not your thing, they are also launching a new line of organic coconut water, as well! I know healthy living bloggers are already crazy for coconut water, so I will be sure to post a review once I try it out.


Epicurex sent me their products at no charge, but I was not compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions in this post are 100% mine.


One Response to “Aloic Aloe Vera Juice Review”

  1. wickedhealthywashingtonian33 February 27, 2013 at 9:51 am #

    Ugh- one of my biggest annoyances is when a food product in a normal-sized package has more than one serving! Thank you! Yeah progresso soup, I’m going to eat half this can and save the rest in my fridge for tomorrow… okay… that’s really practical.

    PLUS some people don’t even realize that there are two servings in things like that and under/over estimate their caloric/nutritional intake. *shaking my head.” Just the other day a coworker at lunch was going on and on about her 110 calorie progresso soup and I, in a nice way wanting to help her out, asked her if it was for the one serving (half the can) or the whole can. And she was like… oh I didn’t realize that’s how they did that. YUP.

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