Honey Pig

14 Jan

Stef and I had a wonderful time celebrating our sixth anniversary over the weekend – the days just flew by. We ended up celebrating belatedly because we each had our own separate social events on Friday. I spent Friday night with a group of TCK friends at a Korean restaurant in Annandale, VA called Honey Pig. Apparently, this is the place to be for Korean barbecue, so we trekked out from DC to indulge.

I had only ever eaten Korean food in peoples’ homes before, so I had no idea what to order. Luckily, my friend Christine is an expert and took the reins. We ended up with a seafood pancake, short rib, beef brisket, and pork belly. Basically a gigantic pile of meat.

IMG_1840[1]I don’t know what was in the seafood pancake, but it was absolutely amazing! I could have eaten the whole thing myself, if I didn’t think all the oil from deep frying it would kill me.

IMG_1839[1]I don’t eat pork, so I passed on the pork belly, but I was alllll over the short rib, which was delicious.



The restaurant also had a big TV showing tons of K Pop, which I was fascinated by.

I was expecting Nikki Minaj to pop out at any moment with an equally crazy outfit!

After eating our fill of BBQ, our next stop was a Korean bakery called Breeze. We walked in and the bakery was full of different cakes and breads, with samples out to try everything! After sampling just about everything they had to offer, I selected a sweet potato pound cake and some all-natural ginger ale. I love ginger ale, but I recently discovered that there isn’t actually any ginger in ginger ale soda, so I was happy to find a bottle that had a ton o’ ginger.


The ingredients in the pound cake were all natural as well – all the ingredients were things I have in my own kitchen, the way it should be! The loaf is the perfect size to last me a few breakfasts. The cake itself is so flavorful and not dry at all! I don’t want to think about how much butter is in it to make the texture so moist, but it sure is delicious.


I love trying out different cuisines and I really enjoyed the Korean barbecue, though it’s more meat in one sitting than I have had in a long while, so it’s definitely something to save for only once in awhile. For those in the DMV area, Honey Pig is open 24 hours a day and is really affordable (it came out to about $20/person). I recommend that you order a bunch of different items and plan on sharing (the meat comes on the same grill) so you can try everything that interests you.

Tomorrow I am going to recap my anniversary celebration with Stefano in Old Town Alexandria, followed by dinner at Graffiato. I may or may not recap the Seahawks-Falcons games, depending on whether I’m still mourning our loss.

Hope everybody enjoyed their weekend – happy Monday! I will leave you with a wonderful photo to start off the week, courtesy of the Gangnam Style photo-op, outside Honey Pig.


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