Alpaca in DC

7 Jan

Happy Monday! It is an especially good morning because of a little Seattle domination on the football field last night.



I might be the only one in my office who is happy, but I’ll make sure my boss doesn’t forget whose team took home the big ‘W’.

As you might remember from Friday, I finally succumbed to the cold I had been trying to fight off and Saturday was pretty miserable and consisted of lots of couch time and a massive pile of tissues. I was a mess and not very much fun.

I definitely didn’t make it to the gym, but I managed a little walk around the neighborhood so I could get some fresh air and move my legs a bit. As Stef and I were walking back towards my house, we noticed a large group of people gathered outside the grocery store and wondered if it was some kind of pre-game rally. Turns out it was an alpaca.



What it was doing in the middle of the city, I will never know, but it was accompanied some some sheep and goats, as well.


It appeared that somebody had set up some sort of impromptu petting zoo and people were definitely flocking to it. My mom thought I was crazy when I sent her a text saying that there was an alpaca in the middle of the city.

After that walk, lots of rest and a couple of really hot showers, I was feeling much more human on Sunday, just in time to watch the big game with my roommates and Stef. I don’t usually make football games a big deal, but we ended up going all out with the pizza, wings, and that whole nine yards.

IMG_1805[1]One of my roommates made a dynamite Skyline Chili Dip from her hometown of Cincinnati and I had no problem gobbling that up. I also helped myself to some hot wings and pizza, as well.

This morning, I am feeling it. Unless you count my brief Body Pump sesh last Wednesday, it has been over two weeks since I’ve done any sort of intense exercise and that, combined with the heavy duty food last night, is enough to make my body say ENOUGH! I am going to consider this week the start of my new year and get off to a great start with good food and exercise. I have been wanting to incorporate yoga into my routine, as well as try to get on an early morning workout schedule because it’s really nice to be able to go straight home after work during the week. My gym offers yoga in the mornings on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday so I hope I’ll be able to pick at least a couple of those days to fit in my schedule.

Hope everybody else’s Monday is off to a great start and good luck with this full-length work week: we can do it!

Food For Thought: Did you make a New Year’s resolution? If so, what was it?




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