Ringing in 2013

2 Jan

I am not big on making a huge celebration out of the new year. I am just as satisfied sitting on the couch, watching the ball drop on TV as I am getting dolled up to go to a party to watch fireworks.

This year was a compromise between the two. Stef and I went to our friend Valerie’s house for a low-key evening with friends, food, and games. I brought over a veggie tray to counteract the countless amounts of delicious goodies that others made.

Since I hadn’t eaten dinner before we arrived, I was thrilled to see that Val had made a delicious veggie quiche. Quiche is one of those dishes that I never make myself, but love to scarf down when it is around. This reminded me that I have to try my hand at it soon!

We spent most of the evening catching up with friends from high school (it had been years since I had seen some of them!) and college friends.

While we were waiting for midnight to arrived, we passed the time by playing rousing games of Catch Phrase…

…and watching the Biebs and other performers at the Times Square New Year’s Eve show.

Once it was nearing the countdown, it was time to get all our party gear together!

Stef and his college roommates, Chris and Josh, may have started the celebration early.

Finally, it was time to ring in 2013! We counted down and lit sparklers and watched the neighborhood fireworks from Valerie’s back yard.

It was a night filled with friends…

…and loved ones…

My favorite way to celebrate the old and the new! I hope everybody had an equally wonderful night, whether they stayed in pajamas and fell asleep before midnight or partied the night away. I wish peace, love, and joy to all you wonderful readers and to all your families as well. Let’s make 2013 magical!



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