Braeburn Brunch

29 Dec

Today’s wake-up call was at 8 AM so Stef and I could drive to the ferry and head over to Whidbey Island for brunch with our friend Grace and her boyfriend, Tom, who was visiting from Switzerland. Grace studied abroad in Geneva (where she met Tom!) at the same time I lived in Rome and we each got a chance to visit one another. Over the course of the year we became very close and now I consider her one of my dearest friends.

The ferry ride is only about 20 minutes and Stef and I found an abandoned puzzle to work on during the crossing.

While we didn’t finish the puzzle, we were plenty excited for lunch at one of Whidbey’s best breakfast spots, The Braeburn.

Right away I ordered a pomegranate mango hot tea to warm my tummy. Aren’t the water glasses beautiful? They are hand blown on the island!

I ordered the Saratoga omelette, which is cooked with avocado, goat cheese, sliced mushrooms, and spinach. It was served with a side of homestyle potatoes and whole wheat toast. I had absolutely zero problem scarfing it all down.

While I was sipping on my tea, Grace and Stef each enjoyed a mimosa made with freshly squeezed orange juice!

How adorable is she?

We stopped by Grace’s house quickly to pick up the Swiss chocolate Tom brought over for us! So, so yummyyyy!

Grace’s family still has their tree up and it is SO beautifully decorated, so I had to snap a picture of the adorable couple.

Soon it was time to make our way back to Seattle because Stef had a soccer tournament to go to. It was tons of fun to visit Whidbey and see friends we haven’t seen in awhile.


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