28 Dec

We are coming up on the last few days in Seattle and I am scrambling to see everybody I haven’t seen in awhile, while juggling family time. Luckily, my step-siblings are in winter break so I have been able to spend lots of time with them as well.

The other day, my dad and stepbrother were playing soccer in the house.

My stepmom hates that. I caught in on camera.

After getting the boys in trouble, I scurried off to Stef’s where my mom and I were having dinner that night. His mom was testing out the Christmas present Stef and I bought for her: a Moroccan tagine.

She used lamb as the protein and added all sorts of yummy things to the sauce, like chestnuts and tons of onions.

The pomegranate seeds on top added a gorgeous pop of color. It was the perfect meal when accompanied by some buttery couscous and a fresh salad.

I am headed out soon for a double-date with Stef and our good friends, Chris and Valerie. They both go to school at USC in Los Angeles right now, so we haven’t seen them in awhile. On the agenda is dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Seattle, a Greek place called the Continental, followed by a movie. We agreed on Lincoln, though there are a million others I am impatient to see!

I am looking forward to catching up with old friends! Hope everybody else has a wonderful Friday night.

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