Tickle My Francey

21 Dec

The day is finally here! I only have to get through one more work day until I get to hop on a plane and go back to Seattle!!! I am really having a hard time containing my excitement, at this point. Before that though, Stef and I are meeting up with his cousin and girlfriend to go out to dinner and then go to Zoo Lights at Woodley Park Zoo. We are going to Medium Rare, which is supposedly a steakhouse that keeps bringing you steak. Um, what? The first thing my roommate said was, “you and Stef are going to do some serious damage at that place.”

He knows us well. Maybe it was because he watched me eat an army’s worth of roasted sweet potato medallions last night.


While those were baking, I made up a mini pizza with a piece of lavash bread. I topped it with some leftover pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese, then added artichokes and sun dried tomatoes for my own personal pizza.


Remember the cinnamon apple chips from the other night? I brought them in a Ziploc bag for lunch yesterday, along with a hummus vegetable wrap and lots of red grapes.

IMG_1667[1]It was a pretty tasty lunch and the wrap looked super fancy because I took the extra time to wrap it in parchment paper and aluminum foil, just like real food places do. I am really moving on up in the culinary world. It was funny how good it was, given that it was just my usual salad in wrap form. Still, nice change!

IMG_1669[1]I ate lunch at rapid speed and had time left over to walk over to a nearby salon and get a much-needed manicure. Most of the time I either paint my nails myself or, more commonly, not paint them at all, but they were very long and I panicked and didn’t know what to do with them, so I enlisted the help of a professional. It would have been awesome, had she not realized she had a waxing appointment with someone halfway through and left me to fend for myself. Seriously. All was going well until her appointment arrived and then she sped through the rest of my manicure, not even trimming my cuticles or bothering with any of the lotion on my hands. Then she turned on the fan, told me to dry my nails, and then left. What? $25 later, I think it’s worth contacting the salon. I’m not a confrontational person and I never complain about service anywhere, but I feel like it’s justified in this case.


Upside: the nail color I picked out is amaaaaazing! I love the color and the name, Tickle My Francey by OPI. I might have to buy it myself, which would bring my nail polish collection up to three. I’m so ladylike.


hours left until I am on a plane! I am definitely planning on unplugging when I am at home so you’ll have to excuse me if my posts are few and far between. No doubt, most of you will be spending time with your families and will be more removed from technology than usual, too. On that note, I want to wish everybody a very happy holiday! If you’re traveling, I hope you have a very safe trip. If you’re driving, please be careful! I know the storm is making the roads a little hard to navigate. Wishing you and all your loved ones a peaceful and blessed holiday. Much love from over here

One Response to “Tickle My Francey”

  1. Rebecca December 25, 2012 at 1:09 pm #

    Hey… If you got home from TJ’s & discovered that your laundry soap bottle was half empty, would you return it? You didn’t get what you paid for, plain n simple. You can complain nicely, and most businesses want to know how to keep you as a customer. Good luck!

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