Half My Size

14 Dec

Good morning and happy Friday! One week from today I’ll be packing to head to Seattle for Christmas! I get more and more excited with each passing day.

Instead of my usual gym workout on Thursday nights, I went to George Washington University to play volleyball at an open gym. You may remember these open gyms from when I talked about them over the summer. It’s a great drop-in at the GWU gym and costs only $5 for two hours of play. I had a good time until I noticed sharp pains at the backs of my ankles whenever I landed after a hit or block. I monitored it, but became increasingly concerned as the night went on. Just turned 23 and I’m already falling apart!

Yesterday, my office sent a huge poinsettia to my house. I swear, it is half my size.


I will try to get a picture standing next to it so there’s some size comparison, but it is seriously massive. My office is also completely decorated with smaller poinsettias – it’s like a red forest!

This weekend, I am planning on meeting my friend Ellen to go to Zoo Lights at Woodley Park Zoo here in the city. I have never been and I hear the zoo looks beautiful at night – especially when lit up with over 500,000 lights! I’m really looking forward to it and hope Stefano and I can go together, too before we head to Seattle. He is flying to California this weekend to attend the memorial for his grandpa, so this weekend is going to be all about getting my Christmas shopping done and hanging out with my girls.


We are having a Secret Santa gift exchange at work today and I am looking forward to seeing all the fun things people receive! Maybe I’ll get some ideas for Christmas presents because I have been seriously procrastinating in the gift department this season.

Food for Thought: Have you done Christmas shopping yet? If you celebrate Hanukkah, is it difficult to think of eight days worth of gifts?

My Jewish friends tell me that they usually to several little gifts and then one large present. I kind of like the idea of celebrating a holiday for more than a week! I usually try to find every excuse to celebrate Christmas all month long 🙂


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