PTX Concert

6 Dec

Hello everybody! I had a wonderful evening out with my roommate last night at Howard Theatre. I had tickets to one of my favorite artists, an a capella group called Pentatonix. You may have heard of them from the Sing Off, where they were the winners of Season 3. They got super famous after a couple of their videos on YouTube went viral and they have become really popular. I just love a capella and they are particularly good. My roommate went to college with Kevin, the beatboxer, and so we were both pretty excited about getting to see them live!

IMG_1587[1]The Howard Theatre is an absolutely beautiful venue in Washington. The layout is a bit unusual, in that the main area for viewing is set up with tables where dinner or dessert can be served. I have never been to a show where you can sit and eat dinner while the group is performing! My roommate and I had already eaten dinner, but we decided to order dessert. She ordered their glazed mini donuts and I ordered apple pie with a cinnamon spice glaze.

IMG_1592[1]Super tasty! The donuts came with all sorts of things to use for dipping: caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, and a variety of different sprinkles.  The only drawback was that both of them were served pretty lukewarm. I prefer all my baked goods to be nice and hot, so that was a little disappointing. The cinnamon glaze on the pie was really good, though.

The show was so wonderful! They sound just as good live as they do on their videos and just had a great energy about them. It looked like they really seem to enjoy performing for people and that they love being around each other. They’re just finishing up their 2012 tour, but be on the lookout for the next time they come to your city! Also, their ‘Carol of the Bells’ cover is my new favorite holiday song of the season.

Incredible, right?

I managed to rush home from work and grab a quick dinner (veggie burger!) before leaving again. As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to do a lunchtime workout because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do my usual Body Pump class due to the concert. I signed up for spin and hustled my butt over to the gym for the 45 minute class.

So, what do I think about lunchtime workouts? Fabulous for efficiency, terrible for hygiene. It was a pretty exhilarating mid-day energy boost and it helped me power through the rest of the work day without getting the usual afternoon slump. I swear, I felt like I had just injected myself with some kind of energy drink – I was wired. The only downside is that I don’t have enough time to shower and groom myself after the class, so I had to change back into my work clothes after a quick wipe down and felt pretty gross with my sweaty hair. Verdict? Not my first choice, but definitely a possible alternative if I have evening plans.

I ate lunch at my desk after I returned from spin and wasn’t as ravenous as I usually am by lunchtime, probably due to the exercise.

IMG_1569[1]In the lunchbox was a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese, some mini sweet potatoes, and a packet of trail mix. I also raided the office snack basket that was out in the kitchen and came up with an nutrition bar I’ve never tried.

IMG_1570[1]I don’t know anything about the Zone diet and I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I’ve eaten a nutrition bar, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

IMG_1585[1]That’s my ‘what the heck is this?’ face. Please excuse the post-workout hair – seriously, it was not cute. The bar turned out to be okay, though I would prefer 210 calories worth of real food over a nutrition bar any day. I was pretty impressed with the touted 14 grams of protein, though.

I’m going to be a little drowsy today at work because of the late night last night, but it was so worth it and tomorrow is Friday! I am going to do another lunch workout today because I have a happy hour with friends after work and I’m trying a new class! It’s called ‘Cardio and Tone’ and it is described as “A perfect combination of cardio and toning exercises to shape your body. This workout includes cardio fitness and with intervals of sculpting exercises using dumbbells, body bars, tubing for upper and lower body. Abs included.” Sweet.

Before I sign off, I want to show you the breakfast I have been super into the past few days: 2 fried eggs on a whole wheat sandwich thin, with a spread of a Laughing Cow cheese. Yum! I always forget how easy it is to cook eggs in the morning. I’m usually deterred from using the oven in the morning because I associate it with time-consuming meals. This took about ten minutes from start to finish. Get that stove top going!

IMG_1597[1]Okay beautiful people, time for me to head out, but I wish you a wonderful Thursday! Much love ❤

Food for Thought: What is your favorite holiday song this winter?

One Response to “PTX Concert”

  1. Aunt Rebecca December 12, 2012 at 10:35 am #

    Yummm! I’ve been having two eggs over quinoa & chopped kale that was quickly sauteed in olive oil. Sooo good!

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