11 Oct

Happy 10/11/12, guys! I love days like this – it gives my inner OCD a little tingle of happiness. A friend of mine is even worse than I am – she planned her wedding on 8/10/12 very deliberately. Does anybody else do this?

Sorry for not popping (if you think I spelled that ‘pooping’ the first time around, you’re so right) in last night. I came home from Body Pump and made dinner, then spent the following hours talking to my roommates. By the time I made it up to my room, it was 11:30 and I was not about to bust out the laptop and risk another 2 hours on the computer. I was planning on going to bed early last night, too.

My dinner plate last night came together without any sort of planning. I just kept adding food until the plate was full.

On the plate: steamed broccoli and sauteed spinach with grated parmesan cheese, one sun dried tomato basil chicken sausage, two pieces of toast (one with apple butter, one with peanut butter). Very random assortment but it got the job done.

I went out to lunch with Cassandra yesterday (for real, this time!) and had a great lunch at Teaism, near Lafayette Square in DC. I ordered a curry lentil soup and a green salad, along with their signature Teaism Chai tea.

The soup was really good! Adding curry to a lentil really gives a nice kick to the soup – I was a fan. The salad was your average salad…nothing special. I really enjoyed their chai tea – it was cozy and spicy and all the things a chai tea should be!

I sense that I’m going on another peanut butter kick because I proceeded to eat half the jar after making breakfast today.

Basically the same as yesterday, with the addition of some peanut butter toast. I figured it looks a little more acceptable when PB is on something, rather than coming straight of the jar with my fingers a spoon.

On a totally different note, I can’t stop listening to this song this morning. I’ve probably had it on repeat for the past half hour.

Proof that I have spent the morning rocking out to this in my little corner of the office.

I love T-Swift, don’t judge.

Food For Thought:ย Do you listen to songs you like over and over and over again? What song is your jam right now?





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