Extra, Extra!

9 Oct

Evening, folks! Just got out of the shower and all in my comfy sweatpants. Today was busy, busy and flew by after I posted the morning entry. Since my friend had to cancel for lunch last minute, I just ran downstairs to a deli at the bottom of our building to grab a quick lunch.

A whole wheat wrap, with hummus, roasted eggplant, and other veggies, alongside a small salad and orange. $13.62. What?! After my lunch with Cassandra tomorrow, I’ll have spent half my normal weekly grocery budget on two meals. That, my friends, is why I make my lunch every day. Lunch boxes are for cool kids.

I got good and sweaty at Zumba today, but didn’t have the pep in class that I usually bring. Going to chalk that up to not getting very good sleep last night.

On the bus ride home, I caught a picture of this lady who had such long nails – I don’t know how she keeps them so long or why.

Those are real nails. Crazy.

Dinner tonight was another bowl of soup – cold salads just don’t sound very appealing at the moment. I loaded it up with veggies, so I still got those in. Along with a couple pieces of toast, I was good to go!

So many pretty colors!

I wanted to share a collage of some of my favorite headlines at the Newseum from Saturday. They have a whole exhibit with real copies of newspapers that dated back to the 1500s – extra, extra, read all about it! It was amazing to see the real, printed newspaper that showed events I know only as history, but as it occurred. They had the Boston Herald from the day the Bill of Rights was drawn up, among other things. Here’s a compilation of some of my favorites:

I said this once, but I’ll repeat it: If you’re visiting DC, go to this museum! It’s totally worth it, super interactive and a great educational experience. I wish we had one of these when I was growing up so I could have visited on a field trip – it’s that good.

Food For Thought: If you could live in any other time period besides present day, when would you live and why?

I would probably pick just post-World War II, because I’m a huge Beatles fan and would have loved the opportunity to see them live. I don’t know if I would have fared very well if I actually lived then, I probably would have been married with kids by now, which sounds absolutely terrifying.


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