Piling It On

1 Oct

Good evening, darlings. Today was pretty good, for a Monday. Did the usual catch-up at work and had an awesome Body Pump workout. After keeping pretty consistent weights-wise for the past few weeks, I decided that I needed to step up my game and piled on some pounds…on the barbell, that is 🙂 I added two kilos (NO idea why these weights are in kilos), for a total of about 4.5 pounds. It wasn’t much, but I could definitely feel it towards the end of the songs. I’m guessing my body is gonna hurt in the morning – the best kind of hurt.

Lunch was sort of breakfast, sort of lunch. I made a massive yogurt bowl for breakfast this morning and couldn’t finish it, so I stuck it in a Tupperware and had it as part of my lunch.

The rest of the lunchbox included some carrots, an apple, two small sweet potatoes, and a bag of cheddar cheese corn puffs from Trader Joe’s, a.k.a. my kryptonite.

I don’t know if it was adding the extra weight in my Body Pump class, but I was craving protein in a big way when I finally made it home for dinner. I have a surplus of eggs in my fridge and need to use them before they go bad, so into the frying pan went three of ’em, along with some frozen veggies, one Sweet Basil chicken sausage (another TJ’s fave), and some shredded mozzarella cheese.

Carbs were sounding pretty good too, because when do carbs not sound good? I got my fill of those, too by wrapping it all up in a piece of whole wheat lavash.

It was a good compromise 😉

Now I’m sitting at the computer with a hot mug of Mango black tea with some honey and lemon for added flavor. I am by no means a tea purist. I prefer all the fruity blends and then I always add a bunch of things to mess up the flavor even more. I think I need a tea tutor to fill me in on all the intricate details that go into choosing the perfect tea. For now, I’m fine with my box from TJ’s.

Before I pop in the shower, I want to post a little sum’n sum’n for Motivational Monday. I sort of skipped over it today because of Foodie Pen Pals reveal day, but I do want to give you guys something that will hopefully inspire you for the week!

Good night, my loves!


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