Cows Eat Candy

27 Sep

Good morning! I can definitely tell that the days are getting shorter because it is daark when I wake up in the morning. That makes getting out of bed a little rough – I may have to invest in one of those light therapy things.

I couldn’t make up my mind for breakfast this morning, so I had a little bit of both things I was craving. I started out with a yogurt bowl with some cereal.


But I had such a craving for a PB & J that I made an English muffin and topped it with the good stuff – no recalled peanut butter for me!


Now that my tummy is full and happy, I can get busy with work – time to publish another monthly journal so it’s craziness over in my world. There’s plenty of time to read articles like this, though – I picked it up from Monica over at Run Eat Repeat and I can’t get over it.  Cattle farmers are starting to feed their herds ice cream sprinkles and gummy worms because they can’t affording the rising costs of feed. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some gummy goodness, but feeding it to cattle? Now when we go to buy meat, we have to remember to ask: 1) Is it free range? 2) Is it free of hormones and antibiotics? 3) Has it been fed candy?

It almost makes you want to be a vegetarian. Almost.

Anywho, I have to cut this short because I need to go do some work that I’m actually getting paid to do. Hope you all have a happy Thursday, free from sugar-crazed bovines!

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