Happy Birthday, Amy!

26 Sep

Hey all,

Made it through a Body Pump class today! I was still a bit low on energy because I’m trying to get over this cold, but I’m glad I decided to go. I was originally planning on staying after for the Zumba class that followed, but I was too wiped and decided to call it a day.

At home I made a yummy salad (haven’t had one in awhile!) to go along with what was left of the soup I had made a few days ago. A little toasted pita bread on the side and I’d call that a good dinner.

I decided to take advantage of the greens that were going bad in my fridge and had a salad for lunch, too. This was accompanied by some carrots, an apple, a small container of trail mix, and a packet of sour Smarties for a little treat.

I saved the trail mix and apple for an afternoon snack, but really lost interest in the trail mix as I was eating it. I’ve been having some major cravings for citrus, so the dressings on both salads today were a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil to keep the flavors bright.

As I mentioned in my morning post, there are some birthdays in my life today! One of them is for my best friend, Amy, who lives in Seattle. We were roommates in college and have been friends since our freshman year, when we met at one of the orientation events that were held by the university to get people out and meeting each other.

At a Husky football game!

She is originally from Aspen, Colorado, but came out to Seattle for school and now she loves it and has decided to stay. Between my year in Rome and my move to Washington, D.C., we really haven’t been in the same city for awhile. No matter, our friendship will survive the distance 😉

I can’t wait for her to make a trip out to visit me in Washington, just like she did when I was living in Rome! During my year in Italy, Amy was there for a month on a trip for one of her classes in college and it was so much fun getting to spend time with her in a foreign country and to have a familiar face from home.

One of my very favorite things about her is her sense of humor and how we are constantly on the same wavelength. Example: Our Halloween costumes, circa 2009…

Bunny and carrot

I miss her so very much and wish I could be there to celebrate her birthday, but I know she will celebrate in style, because that’s how she is. So, my dear friend, here is a virtual birthday cake with my love to you!

This is the birthday cake she made for me on my 21st birthday – so appropriate 🙂


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