25 Sep

The title pretty much says it, guys…I definitely overslept this morning – for some reason my alarm turned itself off? – and when I awoke sans alarm, the clock read 8:23 AM. I usually leave for work at 8 AM…major whoops.

Luckily, I had the wherewithal to call a cab as I was getting ready, so I only had to wait a couple of minutes for it to show up. Even in DC traffic, I was only 10 minutes late (score!) and my boss hadn’t even arrived in the office yet (double score!). I’m almost always 20-30 minutes early for work (I know, I know, why?!) so I know it wouldn’t have been a problem, but I just hate being late. Sixteen dollars later and I am all settled in for another day of work (talk about an expensive commute). The good news is that I slept for ten hours, so my cold should be on its way out soon. I’m still that annoying sniffly girl at the office, though.

I only had time to grab a Kashi Trail Mix bar on my way out the door for breakfast, so I know my tummy is going to be rumbling by lunch.

Taken as I anxiously wait for the cab.

Turns out I miscounted yesterday and tonight’s post will be the big 1-0-0. Any ideas of how I should celebrate?

For today’s Tuesday Tidbits, here are some articles I think people might find interesting or relevant – let me know what you think!

Food For Thought: Regale me with your most recent “oh-shoot-I-slept-through-my-alarm” story – I need a little commiseration!



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