17 Sep

Oh hayyyyyy! Somewhere today I got my second wind and I have so. much. energy right now! I am playing ‘Danza Kudoro’ on repeat and wiggling in my while writing this post – I might have a solo dance party in my room tonight.

Today was all about good eats and some of them were free! It started out with a pretty tasty breakfast of hot oatmeal, because it freezing this morning! I made it with vanilla soy milk instead of water and it ended up being sooo rich and creamy – that’s going to be a permanent change. In went some maple syrup, crushed walnuts, raisins, and some chia seeds.

It did an excellent job of warming up (and filling up!) my belly. It’s back to three-layer season for me…at least in the mornings.

The first half of the work day zoomed by and before I knew it, I was out the door to meet Stefano’s brother for lunch. He was out and about doing touristy things and decided to stop by. We were originally going to get sandwiches, but he was intrigued by all of the food trucks lined up in Farragut Square, so food truck food it was!

I decided to order a falafel sandwich, while he went for some Asian tacos. I was pretty pleased with my selection.

He was even happier with his selection:

I was craving a little something sweet (as I usually am) and made the executive decision to grab some frozen yogurt before we went our separate ways. I decided on a mix of mango and vanilla yogurt with shredded coconut and almond slivers, ’cause I’m all about the crunchhhh.

And tons of hot caramel. Duh.

While wandering around the square, we nabbed some freebies from a lady with a big container of…yogurt? Not the most common freebie food to hand out, but it’s free and it’s yogurt – fine by me. I managed to save it all the way until after my Body Pump workout, but then I needed something to tide me over while I was making dinner.

Strawberry is one of my favorites, but I had to admit that I was a little confused when I opened the lid…

Is there a special trick to getting the triangle of strawberry flavoring stuff into the yogurt? I rather dubiously scooped it into the yogurt with a spoon, but if there’s some special procedure I didn’t pick up on, please fill me in!

Actual dinner was one of my favorite go-tos: scrambled eggs with veggies, sausage, and cheese, wrapped in a toasted tortilla. I was planning on making something I little fancier that I could make extra of to have for lunch tomorrow, but hunger took over and I needed immediate satisfaction.

Topped with tomato, avocado, and basil? Delicious. I’m not one of those people who needs to eat something different every day and I could probably eat the same meal for a week straight, but that would make for some pretty boring reading on your part.

Whelp, it’s coming up on ten o’clock over here and I need to burn off some energy or I’ll never be able to get to sleep and boy, was I tired this morning, so I really need to get to bed soon. Time for some hardcore solitary dancing – join me!


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