A New Baby In Town!

17 Sep

Happy Monday, lovelies! The weekend went by much too fast and I went to bed much too late last night, but it’s time to get through the day! I have had a great past few days – Stef’s brother is in town and we have been having tons of fun showing him around. I took a vacation from my camera this weekend, so there aren’t too many pictures for me to show you, so use your imagination!

The boys grabbing some pool time.

On Saturday morning, did a class at the gym, while Stef gave his brother a “running tour” of Washington, running past the monument, many of the various memorials, and the Capitol building. He had been here before, but that was a fast and easy way for them to get in all the sites and get some exercise. We had a late lunch which were some simple sandwiches made amazing by Trader Joe’s focaccia bread…just pop them in the oven to toast and they are SO. GOOD.


Stef’s brother wanted to go catch a D.C. United soccer game that evening and one of our friends knew some people who were going to the stadium early to tailgate, so we headed out a few hours early. It didn’t take long for the boys to find some form of competition, in the form of a bean bag toss, outside one of the tailgating tents.

Action shot of Stef mid-toss.

The game ended up being really fun and DC United beat New England Revolution, 2-1! The environment is not the same as Seattle Sounders games (Sounders ’til I die!), which regularly have over 30,000 people, but it was still a good time and I always enjoy an exciting soccer match.

On Sunday, we decided to take him to experience something quintessentially DC: brunch. More specifically: brunch with bottomless mimosas. I didn’t partake in that fun addition, but the other members in my five-person group definitely took advantage of that fun deal. Needless to say, it made for an interesting rest of the afternoon. We went to a place called Ardeo in the Cleveland Park neighborhood, which had a really great brunch deal for $27, which included 2 courses and the aforementioned bottomless mimosas (or champagne, if you wanted to skip the orange juice pretense entirely). My favorite part of the meal was the salmon rilletes on mini-everything bagels.


This is going to sound snobby, but the salmon on the West coast is just better than East coast salmon, period. This was still super tasty, though – I love the fancy take on a lox bagel.

After a long, mimosa-filled brunch, it was time to go to the zoo! The National Zoo in Woodley Park is one of my favorite places in DC because I love zoos, in general, and it is free!

It was wonderful weather and we had a great time looking at all the animal exhibits – the Great Cats exhibit is my favorite!


Unfortunately, the Giant Panda exhibit was closed, because the female panda was on pregnancy watch. Apparently, it is difficult to tell when a panda is actually pregnant, because there is a very short window of time that they’re fertile and that they often display many signs of false pregnancy. This particular panda has had several false pregnancies and the zoo was worried that she wouldn’t ever be able to get pregnant again, because of her age.

It was a fabulous surprise to see when I woke up today that the panda had given birth in the wee hours of the morning! I am excited to go back to the zoo soon and see the new panda cub. If you want to get a peek at the new baby, you can check out the National Zoo’s Giant Panda Cam, which has a live stream of the panda exhibit.

A picture I took the last time we were at the zoo. Look at it chomping away!

Overall, it was an excellent weekend, though it absolutely flew by. Extra fun weekends always make Mondays a little bittersweet, but today is getting off to a good start because I re-discovered this little piece of writing…

Love me some Shel Silverstein! Thanks for joining me this morning, dreamers, wishers, liars, hopers, prayers, magic-bean buyers, and pretenders – stop by again soon.



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