Switching Things Up

11 Sep

Good morning, all! At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me just tell you that it was FREEZING when I walked outside my house this morning. And by freezing, I mean 55 degrees – which is basically freezing. How did it go from being 85 degrees to 55 degrees in one week?

I made the startling realization as I was getting ready this morning that I didn’t have any black pants to wear to work. Whoops. I’m going to try to run down to TJ Maxx during my lunch break and pick some up, because these dresses and skirts are no longer cutting it.

I am also going to mail off my Foodie Pen Pals package today! I can’t tell you what I put inside, but you will find out at the end of the month on reveal day. I am so excited to get mine in the mail – I just love receiving mail!

You might notice that my wrap got a little crispy at breakfast this morning. I got a little distracted talking to my roommate this morning and left the bread in the toaster oven for a little too long. What started out as a wrap with peanut butter, sliced apples, and chia seeds, quickly turned into peanut butter and apple-topped crackers. The crunchiness ended up being all right by me!

On the bus today, I started brainstorming some ideas about switching up the layout of the blog and its content. As much as I love being able to ramble about my day and food consumption without any direction, the control-freak inside desperately wants a little more organization on focus. With this in mind, I present to you what I hope will be a weekly breakdown of my blog posts during the week. Brace yourself for the onslaught of alliterations.

Blogging Breakdown 

Motivational Monday: Since Monday always seems to be the fresh start for the week, I wanted to use this day as a time to post quotes, stories, or pictures that I have found over the course of the week that inspire and motivate me. For example:

*how far they have GONE (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

Tuesday Tidbits: Tuesday will be the day for news article or other media that cover topics of interest. For example, this evening I will be talking about the new hot topic in the fitness world – the recently published Stanford study about their findings in organic food.

Workout Wednesday: This one is still kind of shaky, but my goal is to use Wednesdays to highlight a different activity, workout, or sport on the blog, for those who are looking to try something new or want some more information. If I’m feeling particularly ambitious, I might also use this to post my own workouts, so people can have something to follow at the gym. Again, ambitious.

Anything Goes Thursday: Ah Thursday, more than mid-week, but not quite the weekend. I will use this neglected day as a time to fit in things that don’t quite fit under any of the topics I have pre-determined. This includes home improvement (yay, Pinterest!), travel, literature, and all sorts of musings that cross my mind. This is also an opportunity for readers to suggest something they would like highlighted or discussed on the blog, as well.

Follow Friday: In preparation for weekend relaxation and contemplation, I will use Friday as a day to talk about things I’ve picked up from other blogs throughout the week, whether it be a recipe that was inspired by a fellow blogger or a topic of interest that was first suggested by somebody else. I read a ton of great blogs and this is a great way to introduce you all to some of the great writing that is out in the blogosphere!

Well, what do you think? Does it sound too structured or does it sound like something you would look forward to reading? Also, I am now changing my ‘Quick Questions’ to ‘Food For Thought’ – so clever 😛

Food For Thought: Which blog topics are you most looking forward to reading? Is there a topic you want to suggest for Anything Goes?

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