A New Discovery

10 Sep

Good evening, cuties! I am sitting at my computer with a sweatshirt on for the first time in what seems like forever! It seemed like the weather changed overnight and now it’s time to put away the sundresses and flip flops and pull out the jeans and sweatshirts.

Work went by quickly today, as I played the usual, beginning of the week catch-up game. Lunch snuck up on me, but it was a welcome break from reading and editing papers. In the dress I was wearing, it was almost a little too chilly outside for my comfort level, but I sat in direct sunlight and it ended up being fine. I had a yummy spinach salad with lots of fruit and veggies on the side. Gotta get that fiber! I picked up a package of chocolate chips at Trader Joe’s over the weekend, which I added to my side of trail mix.

My fruits and veggies being one with nature

I’m pretty sure the chocolate chips (or M&Ms, if you want to be mainstream) are what take trail mix to another level. I’m glad I only packed a small portion because I could have eaten my way through a whole container of the stuff.

It’s Monday, which means that today’s workout was Body Pump! Our instructor made the lunges section really hard and my legs BURNED by the end of the sets. For some reason, the lower body sets just kick my butt way more than the upper body sets. I might have trouble getting out of bed tomorrow morning as I can feel the soreness setting in already.

When I made it home, I set about making dinner right away because I was eager to try a new discovery I had made at Trader Joe’s on Saturday (I swear, the store is a treasure chest!).

Couscous, orzo, garbanzo beans, AND quinoa? Those are four of my very favorite things! I was excited to see how it turned out. While the grain mix was simmer in some water, I sauteed some veggies and chicken sausage in a pan to bulk the meal up a little.

There are a lot of other sausage choices at Trader Joe’s and while I was tempted to try them, I just couldn’t part from my beloved sun dried tomato and basil! If any of you have rave reviews about the other kinds, I might go on a limb, but for now I’m sticking with my tried and true.

The mixture of grains ended up being a wonderful blend of flavors and textures. After adding some salt, pepper, and various seasonings, it was a fabulous dinner! Luckily, I made extra so I can enjoy it tomorrow, too 😉

Despite the filling and tasty dinner, my sweet tooth was nagging me, so I blended up an easy berry smoothie using pineapple juice saved from a can of crushed pineapple I had used over the weekend, some frozen berries, a couple of spoonfuls of Greek yogurt, and some chia seeds.

No explosion this time!

Now that my belly is full and my sweet tooth is satisfied, I have to go fold a pile of laundry that is currently taking up residence on my bed. If I don’t tend to it soon, I won’t do it at all and will then be forced to spoon my workout clothes and underwear. Don’t laugh, it has happened before.

Wishing you all a pleasant evening and a great start to your week!


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