A Minor Explosion

7 Sep

Happy Friday, all! Washington is happy it is Friday, the sun is shining and the sky is clear. I was feeling a smoothie for breakfast and was excited because I had some frozen pineapple to add to my usual berry mix. It was going to make for an awesome smoothie experience. Unfortunately, my blender had other things in mind.

Whoops. The picture I am not showing is the one of smoothie covering my face, hair, and shirt. I’m not even kidding – I had to do a super fast change of clothes and try to clean the mess out of my hair and off my face. Luckily, the one thing that was wrecked was my mascara, so the explosion looks worse than it actually was. It did a pretty good job of waking me up this morning, though!

Breakfast ended up being what I could salvage from the smoothie disaster and a PB & J on a toasted English muffin.

Today is the last day at the office for one of the German interns at my office. She is leaving for Germany on Monday, so I decided to put together a little airplane care package for her to take on the plane. The flight from Washington to Germany isn’t quite as bad as flying from Seattle, but it’s still a good long time to be sitting in a metal tube. Here’s a peek at the goods:

Inside the bag went:

  • A mini bag of Goldfish
  • A mini bag of dark chocolate chip cookies
  • Cherry chapstick (cue Katy Perry song) to keep lips from getting dry in all the recirculated air!
  • A package of Cottonelle wet wipes (good for messes or just freshening up after being on the plane for hours)
  • A deck of cards
  • Extreme Sour Patch Kids straws (for color, fun, and yumminess)
  • A package of Orbit Sweet Mint gum (especially excellent if you can’t brush teeth)
  • Travel package of Kleenex
  • A small bottle of hand sanitizer (there are crazy amounts of germs on airplanes!)
  • Travel size bottle of Jergen’s hand lotion (same reason as the chapstick, helps protect your skin from dry airplane air)

There it is, all wrapped up!

So that was my eventful morning….hoping the rest of the day goes by quickly so I can see Stefano! Time always seems to move more slowly on Fridays. Thank goodness for a four-day week ๐Ÿ™‚

Do any of you guys have fun plans for the weekend? I think Stefano and I are going to keep it pretty low-key after all of last weekend’s excitement. Enjoy your day, catch ya soon!







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