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29 Aug

Hellooooo! Time for another evening recap and I am excited to tell you all about the really great dinner I made (really easy, I promise!). But first, we go to lunch, where I packed a variety of different things in order to satisfy my picky appetite of late. The main attraction was an arugula salad with cucumber, tomato, feta, and avocado. I also toasted a piece of pita and filled it with hummus, before cutting it into slices.

This, along with an unpictured peach, filled me up for lunch, but I got a little rumble in my tummy around three o’clock so I busted out some afternoon snacks of cucumber slices, baby carrots, and trail mix.

It was good that I had such a filling snack because I ended up taking back to back group classes at the gym today. I walked over from work to make it in time for the six o’clock Body Pump class and decided to stay for the Zumba class right afterwards. Body Pump was fine, though I’m still struggling through the leg sets for some reason. Definitely going to up my weight on the chest presses, because they were a piece of cake today. Man, oh man, was Zumba killer today. A lot of people have disdain for Zumba classes, because they don’t consider them much of a workout, but they’ve clearly never had my instructor – I’ve had more energy after running five miles than I did after this super high cardio class. Needless to say, when I left the gym I was sweaty and disgusting and in serious need of food.

I was excited to get home and get started on dinner, because I had been fantasizing about how I was going to make the Israeli couscous I had bought from Trader Joe’s. Lucky for me, I stumbled on this fabulous recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod and I couldn’t wait to cook it up. I tweaked it slightly, using only one large zucchini and one summer squash for the roasted vegetables, adding olive oil, salt, and pepper to the chopped veggies before sticking them in the oven.

While those roasted for 30 minutes in the oven (at 400F), I cooked up the whole box of couscous, which ended up being a little under two cups, dry. I made the sauce by taste, loosely following the Two Peas and Their Pod guidelines. I really like lemon juice and wanted a little bit of citrus, so I added that in. I also decided to chop up some parsley and sprinkle that on top. When everything came together and was coated in dressing and chunks of feta, it looked good enough to eat (one would hope)!

And eat it, I did. I served myself up a bowl and inhaled it. I had worried about the couscous, because some of the pieces got a little too dark while I was toasting them, but it ended up being great because the darker pieces added some nice color to the dish, along with a roasted, nutty flavor that I really enjoyed.

Luckily for me, I have leftovers! Three guesses as to what will be in my lunchbox tomorrow…

The recipe I used was a really great jumping off point, because it gave me some direction, but it definitely flexible enough to adapt to what you have available and what your taste preference are.

Well, now that my tummy is happy and the clock is headed towards eleven, it looks like it is time for me to sign off and bid you all a good night. Good night, good night!

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