LOVE is a Four Letter Word

26 Aug

Happy Sunday! I have had a really wonderful weekend so far and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Let’s backtrack to lunch on Friday, where I had to scramble for food in my kitchen because I haven’t been shopping for groceries in a million years.


I made a really yummy tuna salad with chickpeas, a can of tuna, some feta cheese, and some chopped parsley. On the side were some sliced cucumbers and hummus. I realized while I was eating that I was on a bit of a chickpea overload, but that was fine by me!

After work, I hopped on the Metro to meet Stef at his apartment so we could get on our way to the concert. I beat him there, so I picked up some sandwiches for us to eat in the car on the way to the concert. Did you know that Harris Teeter does $4.99 footlong subs on Fridays? It’s wonderful. When Stef showed up, he raced upstairs to change and then we were on our way!

I only managed to eat half the sandwich – they really cram a lot of food in there!

The traffic wasn’t too bad while we were driving up, but still took us a good hour to make it to the venue and then it was concert time!

This was my first time at Merriweather Post Pavilion and I love that there are seated areas, but then there is a huge lawn area behind the seats. The tickets for the lawn are a bit cheaper and people brought chairs and blankets to enjoy the show. Though the view isn’t as good, the weather was gorgeous, and I’m sure it would have been an amazing experience on the lawn as well!

The opening act for Jason Mraz was Christina Perri of Jar of Hearts fame. She had a really nice stage presence and I really liked all of her songs, even though I hadn’t really listened to her prior to this concert. A Thousand Years and Arms are some of her other popular songs.

After a brief intermission, it was time for Jason Mraz!! His latest album is called “LOVE is a Four Letter Word’ so the tour was called ‘TOUR is a Four Letter Word’.

He. Was. Amazing. Stef and I have seen him perform before, but this time was even better. He did a great mix of old and new songs, so everybody was singing along and clapping their hands and dancing. He is such a good performer and Stef and I both really enjoyed ourselves. After the show, they did an encored and Jason Mraz came back on with Christina Perri and sang a song off of her new album, called ‘Distance’. All in all, a fabulous way to end the week.

Check back tonight for a new post in which I chronicle Stef and my adventure making pesto and challah French toast (not together!). Hope everybody enjoys their Sunday!

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