Getting Creative

24 Aug

Good morning! Today is going to be a good day because I get to: a. see Stefano, b. go to a Jason Mraz concert, c. start the weekend! I predict a pretty antsy day at work in anticipation of the rest of the day’s events.

Like I said last night, I was a bit too lazy tired to shower when I got home and wanted to go straight to bed, so I set my alarm a half hour earlier this morning, so I could shower and get ready. As it turns out, I do have a bit of a sore spot from where I got hit in the head at my volleyball game yesterday. Lesson learned: digging the ball with your face is not the most graceful way to play volleyball.

When I went down for breakfast this morning, I finished up my Kashi Go Lean cereal and added some raw oats and chia seeds to supplement it. Even though the raw oats are unflavored, the sweetness of the Kashi cereal, plus the vanilla soy milk I use make it nice and tasty.


As I was thinking about what to pack for lunch today, I knew I had to get creative because I am down to my last scraps of food in the house. I also feel like I have been saying this for days now, so I need to hustle and get myself to a grocery store STAT. Luckily, thanks to a Costco-sized package of feta cheese and some pantry goods, I was able to put together something decent for lunch today.

Stef and I have been making our Trader Joe’s trips on Friday night, because it’s usually not too busy (I know, we have the hottest date nights) but we’ll have to work around that this week because of tonight’s concert. We might have to suck it up and shop on Saturday morning, along with the rest of the city. Ah, the mayhem and chaos that are weekend errands.

Quick Question: Do you have a grocery shopping routine? If so, when and where do you usually grocery shop?


One Response to “Getting Creative”

  1. petreaburchard August 25, 2012 at 12:36 am #

    Sara, you crack me up. You are so organized when it comes to food! I had to get married to take control of my grocery list. Before that, I never cared. It was bananas and toast, or whatever…

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