22 Aug

Hello there! Thanks for dropping in. I had a really deep sleep last night and when my alarm went of this morning, it felt like it took forever to come out of sleep and wake up.

I finished the book I had been reading last night. It was a pretty good read, nothing too deep, but a nice way to talk about young women from the 60s and how they adapted and evolved to the changing times and faced challenges like the Vietnam War, AIDS, and being a feminist when feminism was not yet in full bloom. The story is based around a female group of friends and how they served as a constant support system during ever-changing times. I recommend it for a nice, easy read that won’t change your life, but will make you appreciate how friends can be like family.

When I went downstairs to make breakfast, I realized that I was really running low on groceries and most of my staples (yogurt, berries, etc.) were out, which was a bummer because I was really hoping for a smoothie this morning.

I decided to improvise and searched through the cabinets to find something for breakfast. I ended up defrosting a whole-wheat wrap from Damascus Bakery and filling it with peanut butter, some raw oats, and chia seeds for a texture-packed breakfast.

I am pretty sure that I have always preferred raw oats to cooked ones, and it only just recently occurred to me to just start using raw oats in my breakfasts. Big fan so far.

My boss is headed out of town for a conference and will be gone for awhile, so today is going to be full of last-minute things to help him get ready and prepare for some projects that I’ll be working on while he is gone.

I officially put in my vacation hours for Christmastime and will be back in Seattle to visit family and friends from December 22 until New Year’s Day! I am a little bummed to be missing fireworks in Washington (I missed the 4th of July ones, too!), but it will be great to back to visit everybody I haven’t seen in awhile! Next up will be looking up flights and trying not to cry too hard when I charge it to my credit card. Flying over the holidays is SO expensive.

Quick Question: Do you live near your family? If not, when do you travel to see them? Or do they come to you?


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