A Night at Filomena

20 Aug

Happy Monday, all! I hope everybody had a restful weekend and is ready to take on the week! I really enjoyed my weekend, though it went by so quickly! When we last chatted, I was leaving to get ready for my date with Stef. It  was restaurant week in D.C. last week and I wanted to take advantage of it by visiting a restaurant I had been meaning to try for awhile, Filomena.

Though downtown Georgetown was packed on a Saturday night, a car pulled out just as we were driving by the restaurant, so we got a parking spot right across the street. How lucky was that?!

In the storefront window were two women busily making pasta, who wished us an enjoyable meal as we headed down the stairs into the restaurant. The restaurant calls them their ‘Pasta Mammas’ and they’re responsible for all of the handmade pasta at the restaurant!

When we got to the host desk, they informed us that it would be just a few minutes until our table was ready. We killed time by looking at their delicious pastry selection.

One of the servers offered to take a picture of us in front of all the yummy treats, too!

Ignore the awkward feet/Prom pose

When we were seated, we were famished and couldn’t wait to open the menu and order. The restaurant week menu had three courses: an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert. For the appetizers, Stefano selected the meatballs and my choice was made instantly when I saw they had burrata, my absolute favorite Italian cheese.

While Stefano’s meatballs were delicious, I was happy with my choice – burrata wins every time.

We both wanted the same entree, which was the tortelloni di Michele, which was, as described by their menu, “Brisket of Beef Braised slowly for many hours with Wine and Vegetables in a big overstuffed Pinched Ravioli with a light sauce of Pine Nuts, Sage, Crimini Mushrooms, Brown Butter, Veal Stock and a touch of Cream.” Let me just start of by saying that they totally lied when they say there’s just a “touch” of cream in that pasta. It was so rich that I ended up only making it about halfway through my dish before I couldn’t eat anymore. Anybody who knows me or knows Stef or knows the both of us, will understand how big a deal it is that we couldn’t finish what was on our plates. Luckily, we boxed them up and I ended up having delicious leftovers for Sunday lunch!

We also ordered a side of sauteed mushrooms, despite our server warning us that we would get a lot of food. They were really good, lightly sauteed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Though it was looking pretty unlikely that either of us would have room for dessert, our appetites made a comeback when we saw the triple chocolate mousse and raspberry mousse appear on our table. In contrast to the heavy richness of the tortelloni, the light and fluffy mousse was welcomed and appreciated.

I especially liked the raspberry because I felt it served as a palate cleanser, light and refreshing.

Needless to say, we were both stuffed by the end (I couldn’t even finish my dessert – that NEVER happens) and very satisfied.

Stef in his food coma

Overall, it was a wonderful evening and made for a really great date night. Good food, a nice atmosphere, and wonderful company is my favorite way to spend Saturday night!








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