Happy Feet

18 Aug

Happy Saturday! It’s a serious glorious day, weather-wise in Washington and it felt so nice to just walk around and enjoy the sunshine and accompanying breeze. I woke up this morning and has a pretty unexciting breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios and an apple before heading out to the gym for my Muscle Up class. I added a kilo of weight (for some reason they’re measure in kilos instead of pounds?) to each side of my bar so the biceps and triceps were a little rough today, but the chest press was fine.

Only the walk home from the bus stop, I passed by people handing out free peach popsicles and I had to grab one! It was part of a campaign for a climate change organization, called the Climate Reality Project, so it came with an ‘I’m Too Hot’ sticker.

The popsicle was from Pleasant Pops and was seriously delicious! I had absolutely no problem eating it before it started getting melty. Check out their story on their website, it’s fabulous – they use all local ingredients from nearby farmers. After I finished, I was greeted with this message on the stick:

Yikes. I know that it has been a rough summer for many parts of the country, but drought in over 50% of the country? That’s some serious stuff.

After working out, I went home and took a quick shower before heading out with my friend Cassandra for a girls’ day out! First stop was the spa to get pedicures, which, in my case, was desperately needed. I can’t even remember the last time I had a pedicure and my feet were looking a little rough. The place we went to was so nice! They offered us magazines and a selection of beverages while we were getting our feet scrubbed. I chose an OPI polish called ‘Houston, We Have a Purple’ which I am really happy about, and so are my feet.

I was so, so hungry by the time we were done and so we immediately went in search of a restaurant. We ended up near Dupont Circle at a Thai/sushi restaurant, where I ordered the phad see ew with tofu and Cassandra ordered the miso soup, edamame, and a gorgeous plate of sushi. The phad see ew was really good, I love me some wide rice noodles!

After Cassandra’s plate had arrived, however, I kind of wished I had ordered sushi…

After a fabulous day of spa-ing, sushi, and singing in her car, she dropped me off at my house after lunch and I packed some clothes before heading over to Stef’s. I brought a nicer outfit because we are going out to dinner this evening and I wasn’t quite ready to change into heels – my shorts and flip flops are so comfy! Definitely not appropriate for dinner, hence the change of clothes.

What’s in store for your Saturday night?


One Response to “Happy Feet”

  1. Rebecca Lane August 18, 2012 at 7:58 pm #

    I’m canning up a batch of Drunken Fig Jam! Karin helped me pick 7 pounds of extremely ripe dark figs from our tree, and they are presently simmering on the stove with cognac, sugar, and lemon peel. I keep sampling, and they are stunningly good.

    Have fun on a date with your darling beau! (Mine is on Maui…)

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