Sammiches and Serving Sizes

15 Aug

Hey, hey, hey! I’m back from an awesome evening of volleyball and ready to tell you about my long, but fabulous day.

We had a staff meeting at lunch and they ordered out so we didn’t have to worry about bringing lunch. On the menu today were sandwiches, possibly my favorite food in the world. I selected a grilled vegetable sandwich and had a pickle, a bag of chips, and a cute Oreo cupcake on the side.

I could have eaten about a million cupcakes, but you know when you’re among company you don’t know very well and you don’t want to freak them out by eating everything in sight more than they do? That was how I felt, so I refrained from eating more than one cupcake.

The rest of work was consumed by finishing my first issue of the law journal for which I am assistant editor! It was so exciting to see my name on the publication – I feel like such a big kid now! I stayed late finishing up the issue so I left work and went straight to volleyball. On the way, I ate half of one of the leftover sandwiches from lunch as a quick dinner before getting to the gym. I must have looked ridiculous carrying all of my work things, plus talking on the phone, PLUS eating a sandwich. Call me Miss Multitasker.

Volleyball was fun, as usual. Some of the people I played with are going to be out on the sand courts behind the Lincoln Memorial this weekend, so I am going to try to make it out there to play. Normally I would be spending the weekend with Stef, but he’s going to be super busy getting ready for his first week of school, so I probably won’t see much of him.

I was a little hungry when I got home from volleyball, so I ate a slice of the delicious spanakopita that my roommate made the other night and it totally hit the spot.

I wanted a little something sweet to top it off and so I reached for the ice cream, but I was feeling slightly guilty, as I had eaten a couple bowls of ice yesterday and the day before. I decided to take a glance at the nutrition facts, just to see what kind of damage I was doing and saw this:

HALF A CUP?! Who eats only half a cup of ice cream in one sitting? Out of a mixture of curiosity and skepticism, I busted out the measuring cup and actually measured out a one-half cup of Caramel Caribou.

Half a cup is a seriously tiny amount of caramel-y, vanilla deliciousness. Of course I ate it, which brings my ice cream total to 3 for 3 this week – ice cream Olympics, anyone?

What is this, ice cream for ants??? It has to be at least three times this size!

Because of my to-go dinner, I saved a ton of time after getting home from volleyball and I am amazed that I could be in bed before eleven tonight. I’m a wild child, I know. Hope you guys had a great night, looking forward to checking back tomorrow!

Quick Question: Have you ever been surprised by the serving size of something you were eating? Did it affect how much of it you ate?


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