It’s All Greek to Me

13 Aug

Good evening dears. Hope you had a wonderful Monday. My day was fine until I was hit with a sudden and urgent wave of nausea. But let’s backtrack to lunch, which was full of Mediterranean-style goodness. I took some of the quinoa I had prepared last night and tossed half a tomato, feta cheese, and a handful of arugula. After it was all tossed, I drizzled on some balsamic vinegar and it was AH-mazing.

I had a side of almonds, a Kashi trail mix bar, and some chocolate milk, which was new and different!

A couple of hours after lunch, I was hit with a humongous wave of nausea that had me double over at my desk. I called Stefano and my mom after work, freaking out because I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Needless to say, there was no gym today. After I got home, I was feeling better and by dinner-time, I was feeling ready to eat. This was good because my roommates and I had an awesome dinner planned.

In keeping with my Mediterranean culinary tradition of the week, I decided to make Greek style turkey burgers, with feta, tomato, and basil mixed right into the patty!

I added all the ingredients, plus salt and pepper, with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, then mashed it all up and formed them into patties.

While I was doing that, my roommate got on top of building a burger-worthy fire.

I sliced up some avocado, tomato, and various types of cheeses to use as toppings for the burgers (we had feta, mozzarella, and cheddar).  I also added a little arugula instead of lettuce to make it a little more Mediterranean.

Another roommate put together an excellent salad and manned the sweet potato fries (yum!). We also stuck some corn on the cob alongside the cooking patties to get nice and roasted. When it all came together, it looked so delectable, I barely remembered to take a picture!

We had a wonderful evening with excellent conversation. After it was all over, I still had room for some ice cream – no more nausea for me!

My belly is so happy right now.

Now it is late and it is time for bed! Hoping my body cooperates tomorrow so I can hit the gym…I was bummed to miss Body Pump class, since it is only offered twice a week. It is important to listen to your body and I was in absolutely no condition to do anything this afternoon. Tomorrow is another day! Hope you all have a wonderful evening – good night!


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