Trail Mix and Trail Mix Bars

7 Aug

Good evening!

Today has been a very eventful Tuesday! I had a really busy day of work – I didn’t look at the clock once and my boss had to remind me about lunch! I grabbed lunch with a few co-workers – they got sushi, I was a nerd and packed my lunch in my new lunchbox, something I am very excited about. In today’s lunchbox was some quinoa mixed with rosemary steamed veggies and mixed together with balsamic vinegar. On the side was a small container of baby carrots and strawberries.

Around mid-afternoon, I was making some photocopies, when the office snack basket caught my eye. I discovered this little treat inside:

This is the same basket where I found these bites of heaven – I swear, the office snack basket will be the death of me.

After work, I walked to the gym for a great Zumba class – this instructor isn’t the most difficult, but she’s so fun and upbeat and the atmosphere is just fabulous. After the Zumba class, I had about an hour before the first volleyball game in the league I just joined. I decided to do the 30 minute walk and really took my time, as I had an hour to get there. On the way I munched on some trail mix and a Kashi bar that was also trail mix! Lots of nuts and dried fruit for me, love it.

When I got to the gym, the front desk was clueless about any league games that were supposed to be taking place. They did, however, have a volleyball open gym and told me I could walk on in. I decided I might as well, since I was planning on getting some volleyball in tonight! It was a big mix of skill levels, but we all got some good play in the two hours we were there. The gym wasn’t air conditioned and it was a sauna. My shirt is drenched. I would take a picture, but I don’t want to totally disgust you.

Now I’m home, about to pop in the shower. It’s amazing how fast time flies when you’re busy! I did have enough time to waste a few minutes playing the Google doodle, though. Go check it out, before they change it! Between the Zumba and the walk and the volleyball, I know I’m going to sleep soundly tonight – and I have volleyball tomorrow night too! Can’t get enough.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening – check back with you tomorrow!


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